RED Raven Impressions: 4.5K!


An exclusive first look at RED’s digital cinema camera brothers, RED Raven and Scarlet-w!

RED Raven:

Video Gear I use:




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  1. Marcin Cedro
    Marcin Cedro says:

    I really like Your Red sponsored films but You did not mention about one thing…Red cameras are extremely "SLOW", and have and extremely long turn-on time + JERKY menu like in $500 DSLR…this is the thing that disqualifies this device as a professional tool
    Canon cameras (C100/C300 etc), even though are not as much good in details, dynamic range and all that sensor science, still are far more more user friendly, have also smooth menu and compact bulid….and did You test out the maximum usable sensitivity of Red camera?:) 800 is max You can set to get good qiality picture
    I own Red Scarlet-W (I've been waiting for it ridiculously long time- for over 9 MONTHS ) and believe me or not I am missing my old C100 camera every time I shoot with Red. It looks like Red engeeners are going the wrong way with their ideas. A few years ago, this company set trends, now they are concentrated on creating a large number of models that do not differ from each other almost..and this is all just to earn more money. Sad but true.

  2. Mr. Akill3s
    Mr. Akill3s says:

    People, dont get hung up on Gear, for Starters, a Blackmagic Cinema for 1/4th the price films just as good with insane dynamic range. End of the day people cannot tell. Second, Work on the filming aspect, you can buy a $10k camera and still produce home video like crap, but a seasoned camera operator can take an iPad and make it look cinematic. MKBHD has the cash to burn to be a gear head, but if you need verification, look up the Film Tangerine….filmed on an iPhone simply to see if he could, he did and at the Cannes film fest everyone was STUNNED as he put that text on screen at the end. The director in the end hated it as it showed validity and he to is a gear head. Now he got calls from studios asking him to make major films using equipment that can still produce Cinema DNG but not spend Millions on rentals, a simply $10,000 paid in full Blackmagic and Roninon Cine Lens kit will do.

  3. WeiselFalso
    WeiselFalso says:

    i just can't find any real reason this dude is using this camera for this type of work. I mean, even if he's planning to make a
    full on production company, it seems overkill. I don't get it.

  4. Tarek Del Moreno
    Tarek Del Moreno says:

    Hey dude, nice video really…plz I would like you to tell me what do you think about the following
    I am mostly making movies and videos for night parties, I have roning for it too…so a very important question
    What about the autofocus, is it good, face tracking?
    low light ISO?
    thx a lot and I hope to hear back from you

  5. Nick Klesmith
    Nick Klesmith says:

    Marques, great video about the Raven! Would you mind telling me how you make your intro graphics? I really dig them, and I want to do something similar for my vimeo channel.


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