Razer Phone 2 Impressions!


Razer Phone 2: From gaming phone to everyday flagship for $799?!

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  1. EspHack
    EspHack says:

    im disappointed isnt samsung copying the 120hz screen yet, they usually catch up to whatever someone else does thats news worthy and i really love that, this would be soo good to go mainstream

  2. Misha Jovanovic
    Misha Jovanovic says:

    Just bought it from Razer, $500 brand new. You can't even get a OnePlus 6T for that price. Absolutely by far the best bang for your buck. And the fact glass is flat, THANK YOU!

  3. Wolfy Sparks
    Wolfy Sparks says:

    No headphone jack? Man i really wanted this phone. Bluetooth headphones are not my thing well guess i cant get this then not unless the razer 3 gets a headphone jack

  4. Frej O.B.
    Frej O.B. says:

    razer: guys i have an idea lets remove the jackstick input and make the phone water proof.
    Apple: we already did that.
    Android: remember when yall mfs removed da Homebutton.
    Apple: yea?
    android: PAYBACK BITCH*S

  5. DaeTheKnight
    DaeTheKnight says:

    I really hate this new trend of not having a headphone jack. Everything else makes this look like the perfect phone.

    P.S. I care not for the headphones that plug in where my charger can also plug in. Sometimes I’m charging on the go. Don’t want to stop hearing my music just to charge.

  6. Coaja20
    Coaja20 says:

    If you don´t add a headphone jack, at least certify it with the aptX or aptX HD codec. These days it's almost a standard on bluetooth headphones so it would be nice seeing the smartphones keeping up. Even Xiaomi does it since their last flagship generation…

  7. xyoxus
    xyoxus says:

    Getting a phone in 2016: Find a phone that has all the efeatures you want
    Getting a phone in 2018+: Find a phone with the smallest compromise

  8. Robert John Pingol
    Robert John Pingol says:

    Bought Razer phone today and have zero regrets. Displays is so smooth on 120hz even tho its not oled. Display perfect for my eyes. Love it. Cons- feels like it slips on the hand easily

  9. Eine kleine Nachtmusik
    Eine kleine Nachtmusik says:

    I think it's a badass looking phone. I for one couldn't care less if my phone is entirely bezel-less. Hate the fucking notch… and I also have soft spot in my heart for my Jurassic era Razor. Hmm… I'm looking to get off the Apple hamster wheel this year, so maybe… maybe.

    And seriously folks… just up for some fucking wireless headphones and join the goddam future. Stop fucking complaining about no headphone jack. Geezus.

  10. Quantos Games
    Quantos Games says:

    I want the phone, but I want a headphone jack… also a glass back when cases aren’t really it’s thing is scary to have… ups: great audio, great speed, great brightness..

  11. Matamando Kalilani
    Matamando Kalilani says:

    Two major video suggestions… I really want an android wear watch… I'm sure an android wear watches video comparison would be amazing and Super helpful.

    Secondly None-Mac Monitors

    I need a pick for my uni room monitor.. good for light gaming (Xbox One) and Coding.

    @code.the.dream @code_the_dream


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