Radeon VII — Final Review — Is It Worth Buying after EOL?


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37 replies
  1. SeanFromPVD
    SeanFromPVD says:

    I wonder how this card would work in a Hackintosh setup for things like Final Cut Pro. I would imagine it should be good for some applications, but not being a 'gaming' card, means it's not going to edge out that market.

  2. asdf4455Gamez
    asdf4455Gamez says:

    Is it really fair to test with DLSS on and not Radeon image sharpening on in the 5700 XT? I say just keep those features off for these kind of comparisons as it just adds another veriable.

  3. Anthony N
    Anthony N says:

    … Or intel to join the game… actually anything that will help the market get rid of overpriced, under-performing cards. On a side note, i really do enjoy your commentary (didn't even notice it was ~30min). I find it pretty educational to know a lil about the background and the history of a product instead of straight showing benchmark charts like the rest of the youtubers do. Will definitely sub for future videos

  4. Picasso Pablo
    Picasso Pablo says:

    You totally forget to ask Nvidia what else you should add to this chart
    Where is BFV, WWZ, Forza Horizon 4 where AMD cards do 30-40% faster than Nvidia
    Wildlands? pfffff.. I promised myself to never watch this bs channel again but here I am again doing the same mistake and all is because the lack of 5700XT content

  5. m8x425
    m8x425 says:

    I bought one of these…. well 2 kinda. The first one could barely overclock and it would hit 113c Junction Temps at stock so I returned it. The 2nd one can overclock to 2ghz and the out of the box Junction temps at stock settings are little over 100c.

  6. PrashBricks III
    PrashBricks III says:

    We all know that the prices of these are going to drop on the used market, probably to 400$ even. Look at Vega, the vega 56 was first 400$ and now it can be found used for 200$ and the vega 64 was 500$ and can be found for 300$ used, just two years later. I am sure in late 2020 the radeon vii will be 400$ used. It is the only good upgrade over my vega 56 (apart from rx 5700 xt, but those are not big enough of a jump imo. I need at least a good cooler and 2x the performance (1080 ti) for a decent upgrade.


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