#Punni #Multi #Crop #Thresher With New Technology 2020


Scope and Importance

Mechanical threshing of crops has been adopted in Indian Agriculture in a big way. The power wheat threshers are very common and almost all crops are threshed by the machines. Threshing operation is 100% mechanized in wheat crop where as in other crops it needs to be adopted. The losses in pulses and oil seed crops with mechanical threshing are quite high. Threshing of other crops has specific requirements. Threshing machines must be adjusted so that the damage and losses to the grains are minimized. sometimes, concave units need to be changed. Farmers need to be educated about proper adjustments and operation of threshing machines. Hence, demonstrations of machine and educating the farmers about the use of high capacity front feed multi crop power thresher in crops like pearl millet, oilseeds, pulses, Guar etc.

The farmers and unemployed youths were motivated to use this machine on custom hiring basis as an entrepreneur. There was wide spread response in its adoption. Interestingly, small and medium farmers have adopted it as an enterprise for custom hiring.

Tractor operated high capacity front feeding multi crop thresher


Suitable for threshing almost all cereals, pulses and oil seed crops.
The total grain losses are with in prescribed limit.
Energy requirement is minimum for threshing different crops.
Feeding crop is very easy and comfortable. No fatigue while feeding the crop.
Transportation from one field to another is very easy.
High output and very low maintenance.



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