PS4 Remote Play iOS App Review - Play PS4 Games on iPhone & iPad - How it Works & Full Platinum Demo


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. My review of the new PS4 iOS Remote Play app available now to iOS devices such as the iPhone and the iPad. I will attempt to play through and earn the platinum trophy in Heroes Trials. This was recorded on an iPad Pro, 3rd Generation. This requires your PS4 to be connected to the internet, ideally hardwired and your iOS device to be connected to a strong wifi network. You can not use cellular internet connections. Standard Dualshock 4 controllers are not compatible with iOS devices and you must use the on-screen controller on your mobile device.

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★ This Game includes the following trophies ★

Platinum hero (Platinum)
Obtained all trophies.

Social butterfly (Silver)
Talk to a NPC.

In my shoes (Gold)
Buy the boots.

Healthy diet (Gold)
Found a fruit or vegetable in the island.

Poor thing (Gold)
Killed an enemy.

I found my way (Gold)
Cleared the first trial.

Frankenslime (Gold)
Defeated Potako.

Matador (Gold)
Defeated Taurus.

Manic hero (Gold)
Defeated Denmaku.

Somebody set up us the bomb (Gold)
Get the bombs.

Magical chase (Gold)
Acquired the three magic spells.

Old heroes of Délhua (Gold)
Interacted with the Adel and Soreon statues.

Plonida’s disciple (Gold)
Cleared Plonida shrine.



44 replies
  1. BakuFBI
    BakuFBI says:

    There is actually a way on YouTube where you can use it,
    Basically all you need is both another PSN and User account for your PS4. Link the user account with that spare PSN and remember to sign out of your original account on the PS4 remote play app. If anything you should use the “Register Manually” option with that spare account if it keeps connecting to your main.

  2. Turkeyboieatsotherturkeys V.2
    Turkeyboieatsotherturkeys V.2 says:

    The app doesn't work on my iPhone 6s despite the fact I read the compatibility it said IOS 12.1 and up and I clearly read, and I'm pretty sure those greedy Sony corporate bastards edited it out so I couldn't play, "Iphone 6s,7 and IPad Gen 2. This just sounds like a horrible idea. Same with remote play being a horrible idea. Just go home and play your PS4 kids. This app isn't worth your time.

  3. Jason
    Jason says:

    I've had this on my Xperia phone for about 4 years now it works really well if you have a good connection and you CAN connect a DS4 to your phone via Bluetooth. I also use the 'game controller mount' which clips over the controller and has a suction cup on it to stick your phone to.

  4. Sondage
    Sondage says:

    I have both a PS4 and a PC that can run literally everything. It’s a beast. But this “mobile PS4” has been my life for the last two days. I’m a sad man
    Edit: Spider-Man is an actual really good game that operates well on mobile.

  5. mike Thorburn
    mike Thorburn says:

    Yeah that will work create a second account use the app to sign in to the second account, then press the ps button on the ds4 then sign in to your main account with the ds4 and then press the ps button once more and the ds4 will be connected via the PS4 and the screen will be connected on your other account 👍 so that will mean you can play as normal 👍


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