ProntoTec A8 7 Inch Android Tablet Review - Under $50 , Playstation emulation, Netflix, Web Browsing


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0:25 – Hardware overview
1:18 – Display overview and main menu
1:58 – Screen angle overview
3:09 – Playstation emulation with Destruction Derby 2
3:40 – Netflix demonstration
4:51 – Modern Android game – Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion
5:31 – Web browsing demonstration and final thoughts

A power house this is not. It has only 512 megabytes of RAM and 4 gigs of flash storage. But sometimes you don’t need a premium device with premium performance to accomplish standard tablet tasks like web browsing and low impact apps like Netflix and YouTube. This device accomplishes many of those low intensity activities quite well, and can even run some modern Android games and retro emulators.

Just about anything that runs on Android can run on here. It’s great for business activities that need inexpensive data entry devices for web-based forms or customized Android apps. It’s also good for parents who don’t want to trust their children with a several hundred dollar device. Lose or break this one and get another one for the cost of a dinner out.

In short? Set your expectations accordingly and you’ll be surprised how much you can do with a tablet in this price category. Just don’t expect it to compete with the current offerings from major manufacturers, but of course you can buy three or four of these for the price of just one of their low end devices.

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DISCLOSURE: Axcelle sent me an evaluation unit for the purpose of this review.



22 replies
  1. kicksoffs
    kicksoffs says:

    Hey Seidman you said in the vid that it doesn't come with a charger, I was wondering can you use a usb charger to charge the device, or anyone who knows please respond ASAP.

  2. biggiebigs13
    biggiebigs13 says:

    these are excellent for use in rough conditions or if you have a iPad and you want something to run android but they are pretty slow and they don't last long if you are ok with the slow speed then they are great 40 is how much a case cost fora iPad so not bad at all

  3. wrestlinggrimreaper
    wrestlinggrimreaper says:

    Do you think this would be good for reading comicbook scans/digital comics on? I've been looking at tablets for this since my ipod's screen cracked. I've been saving Amazon cards for a Chromo tablet but this looks better and is a little cheaper.

  4. Reds Byrd
    Reds Byrd says:

    This tablet is really bad there are plenty of similarly priced android tablets (without counting the temporary discount) with 720p screens and 16gb storage and along with double the ram for the same $70ish dollars

  5. Eric Brunhammer
    Eric Brunhammer says:

    Looks like you get a decent bang for your buck, but I'm still scratching my head about it not having bluetooth.  I don't have much experience with tablets, is this common for inexpensive tablets to not have bluetooth?

  6. Lubomir Georgiev
    Lubomir Georgiev says:

    I think you are focusing too much on what the tablet can't do rather than what it's good for! It's kind of incredible that you can have a full android tablet for so cheap.. up to couple of years ago similar specs were 150-200 bucks.. Seems good for running one app at a time.. My phone has 1GB of ram an Android is struggling on it as well so I can imagine 512MB

  7. Rockmandash12
    Rockmandash12 says:

    It looks like a galaxy clone… and that's pretty slow. for 40 bucks, not bad, but still, i'd never be able to use it. Also, I find the implementation of audio rockers in the software is pretty smart, especially for a budget tablet like that.


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