Polaroid P10 10.1" Internet Tablet Review


Polaroid P10 10.1″ Internet Tablet running Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

ATTENTION: Do not update tablet over the air when you get it. It causes the table to reset it self ever time you power it down. Return the tablet or wait for Polaroid to issue a fix.

BigLots $99.99

10.1″ Screen
1240 x 600 Res Edge lit.
1gb ram
4gb Storage ( 32gb MicroSd card)
Capacitive touch screen
HDMI port (mini)
Speaker (one)
reset port
Android 4.4.2 KitKat



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  1. Lma
    Lma says:

    Its 2017, just got this tablet and it seems to be running fine. im curious though about the update, i tried to to it within it with the online button but nothing pops up, either its already updated to the latest version or it doesnt want to load. Anyway, how would i be able to search for updates in the computer? I think u mentioned that here but didnt actually say where…

  2. Rhino Thunder
    Rhino Thunder says:

    I had a polaroid Tablet from Big Lots and it was a piece of shit I traded it in after on day and got a much better one plus it was android but no google play store and the launcher looked similar to the windows 8

  3. sewmorebag
    sewmorebag says:

    Just contacted support about two problems, does anyone have a fix?  I can no longer t see all of my files and folders on SD card via windows 7 explorer.  A few show up, but can't update files in the folders I can't see that reside on my laptop.   I can see them on the table thru file manager.     2nd problem, tried to watch movies on Hoopla and Hulu this weekend via the hdmi cable on a flat screen.  I see the volume and top controls, but the movie does not display on the tv (I can see it on the tablet).   I can watch youTube videos on the TV, but not these two apps.   I also tried it on my larger flat screen and the same problem, so I know its not the Tvs.

  4. Poré
    Poré says:

    This shit sucks man. I had bought two, mines was fine but the other was doing the very same thing. Then ( I now know) fucked up and used the update and now its pissing me off. Both tablets does this stupid shit. WHAT THE HELL..

  5. Tsu Opportunity
    Tsu Opportunity says:

    Is is okay to download an update and execute it locally?  Or does that introduce the rebooting problem?  (in other words, this bug only surfaces when doing a live online update?)

    WATCHMAN says:

    Ugg, too bad I did not come across this video before I tried the update. 
    And 'yup, it now does reboot everytime you turn off the tablet, it also loses wifi after a while, so sooner or later you are forced to restart the tablet to regain wifi and thus suffer the reboot again. 
    I do hope Polaroid fixes this ASAP. What I find intolerable, is the fact that this has been a known issue before the Christmas holiday, at the very least Polaroid should have disabled their downloadable update software to prevent further customers from suffering this bug.

    FJPARNELL says:

    It is now 2015…01/05/15 to be exact…and polaroid and or google is trying to "push" an update to my P10 tablet.
    I have avoided problems with the tablet because I did not do a "kneejerk" manual update when I bought the tablet back on
    Thksgiving.  So, I am very reluctant to click on the "update now" banner out of fear that I will create a problem where one does not exist. I went to the southerntelecom.com website (support for Polaroid-supposedly)…completely  atrocious non existent support for the P10 tablet…no forums for people to share information…we all have to make our way "blindly"
    by way of Youtube-ridiculous. With all these complaints aside, has anyone else received that "new update" (as of 1/5/14) notice and attempted to install the "latest" update?  If so, what are the results?

  8. beckylou2626
    beckylou2626 says:

    My son received one for xmas – wish I saw this video 1st. Been resetting every power down and I don't recall updating it. He was excited to download PVZ 2, but deletes every time. I have a sd card mounted, but do not see option to save to it. I'm not even sure if that would save the pvz game? 

  9. PJ Warren
    PJ Warren says:

    I am reading the reviews for 3 weeks ago where Joe W. contacted Polaroid who said they were working on it…almost January and they still haven't gotten it fixed. Seriously thinking I'm about to return to Big Lots for a q10 or something -.-

  10. tlbonehead
    tlbonehead says:

    Mine is stuck on the initial Polaroid screen. I can shut it off by holding the switch on for about 10 seconds. Same with the reset hole with a paper clip. But when I turn it back on it goes to the Polariod screen and that's it.

  11. isabella swan
    isabella swan says:

    Someone help i just bought this great deal got it for 80 at big lots but everytime i turn it off it reboots wipes out everything my WiFi everything has anyone else had this problem is it a setting the battery life is not very long but for the money its great fast perfect

  12. Joe W
    Joe W says:

    nice review. I bought one thanksgiving day. Just dont update the unit at this time, it causes the unit to reset to default factory settings every time you reboot it. I contacted Polaroid and they are working on it.


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