Pixel Density: Explained!


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  1. Tom Forge
    Tom Forge says:

    “People look at tablets from 3 feet” – bullshit. My typical viewing distance is 1 – 1.5 feet. Go grab a tape measure and try to measure 3 feet from your eyes. You will probably have to keep close locked elbows. Nobody views iPads at 3 feet.

  2. Diogo Moreira
    Diogo Moreira says:

    so we have the screen A with 1334×750 resolution, 326ppi and 4,7 inches and a screen B with 1792×828 resolution, 326ppi and 6,1 inches, witch one have better image?

  3. vignesh sivasankaran
    vignesh sivasankaran says:

    Damn ! How much has this guy matured over the years.. and so have them gadgets. There’s a new tech innovation right around the corner every quarter of a year and all phones look / feel and perform pretty much the same. Gah ! Wish new gadgets were as exciting as before.

  4. D K
    D K says:

    But which screen resolution will be more vibrant a 5.1inch screen with 441ppi or a 6inch screen with 386ppi?? Both amoled displays..

  5. Dan
    Dan says:

    Yes, smaller screen size increases PPI,but downside is that it reduces peripheral vision. Indeed, 24" 1080P display has around 90 PPI whereas 27" 1080P has around 81 PPI. But at least I can easily see more peripheral vision which is excellent for gaming, video editing, web browing, and watching videos. So I actually like bigger screen over smaller screen.


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