Pixel 4 Impressions: Google and Gaps!


Google Pixel 4 hands-on has me feeling personally attacked. You’ll see what I mean.

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  1. joshua Vincent
    joshua Vincent says:

    So they can remove all the Shit we actually do use
    Like a fingerprint reader, a headphone jack,
    To add dumb stuff like radar, what am i a Fckn Dolphin!

    Big loss on Googles end if you ask me.
    Consumers are so simple and east to please. i swear we are

  2. Naomi Edwards
    Naomi Edwards says:

    Ultra wides are known as being largely gimmicky and a novelty in photography except for limited uses. Telephoto is necessary if you're taking pictures of people, which most people are.

  3. Edmar Sombillo
    Edmar Sombillo says:

    5 Reasons why Pixel 4 XL deserves 👎👎

    1. No ultrawide angle rear camera
    2. No more wider angle front camera
    3. Just 3700mAh for a QHD+ 90Hz display
    4. 899$ for 64GB variant
    5. No headphone jack and no earphones out of the box

  4. Gian Fernandez
    Gian Fernandez says:

    MKBHD in 3019

    So I’ve been using the Pixel 115 CXV XL XDR Ultra Mega Pro limited edition Shrek green for a few generations now…

    This video is sponsored by Disney’s DreamWorks. Shrek 42: Donkey in Space out in theaters now.

  5. Brian Evans
    Brian Evans says:

    I have a couple bones to pick:
    Firstly, you didn't start the video with "I've been using this phone for a week"
    Second I think the storage of your model is 64gb, but you said 128gb.
    Third, are you sure price is $100 more than iPhone 11?
    (The pricing issue might be because I'm not in North America, it could be showing me different prices)


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