Pixel 3 Rumors? Ask MKBHD V27!


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  1. Luciano
    Luciano says:

    Because people are fucked in the head and always looking to to someone kill another brand but don't have the minimal brain cell to understand that more competitions is better for us.

  2. Zain ul Abidin
    Zain ul Abidin says:

    Pixel 2 was an expensive piece of shit pixel 3 will be an even more expensive ugly rectangle but paid youtube tech reviewers are gonna praise it for its "amazing camera" and stock android much like the pixel 2. Oneplus 6 offers so much more for cheaper; a headphone jack, a better display, nearly stock android, more elegant design, small bezels and much more. Tech reviewers need to stop sucking google and be real with their viewers and customers should look towards the alternates. Other androids hell even the iphones are a better choice.

  3. Hecsproof
    Hecsproof says:

    I really want the pixel 3 but I really love using smart watches, love the gear s3 but I'm worried I won't have most of my functions on the watch if I go to the pixel

  4. Amar Shinde
    Amar Shinde says:

    For me ..the battery tech was very dated….Google should come up with a more stable and faster charging tech….that's the only one feature of OnePlus …which would be more than welcome in future Pixel devices….and and better displays…. everything other than that is just awesome….

  5. B 2
    B 2 says:

    Americans White or Brown they are all alike. Killing obsessed. The adiction promoted by the MIC to restock the canon fodder.

  6. Sonny Wolf
    Sonny Wolf says:

    MB can you guys be unique because every talk about display, camera , speed same junk every video, be special, be unique, talking call and text features, contacts and gallery features.


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