Photoshop iPad Pro 2019 - First Impressions (for Illustrators)


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  1. KuttyJoe
    KuttyJoe says:

    I would really love to know what Adobe is thinking. It doesn't make sense for them to state boldly that a full version of Photoshop was coming to iPad. I said all along that it was unrealistic. But what was Adobe thinking? Now they've added more negativity on top of that caused by the release of Fresco.

  2. J 5in
    J 5in says:

    I don't use any of the keyboard shortcuts other than Ctrl Alt Shift. These do any alternative function a tool has and since last 4 years my hand rests on just these keys. Too bad Adobe messed up everyone's workflow.

  3. Mishko Lahoda
    Mishko Lahoda says:

    Adobe is consistently shooting themselves in the foot. I'm really liking my iPad/Macbook workflow, but Adobe just doesn't give me what I need. I gave up even trying, and paying. These tools work infinitely better for me, maybe some food for thought.

    My alternative recommendations:
    Photoshop – Affinity Photo
    Illustrator – Affinity Designer
    Indesign – Affinity Publisher
    *These work flawlessly, especially while using sidecar with a Mac and iPad, OMG, butter.
    Premiere – Final Cut Pro X
    After Effects – Motion (I don't use often at all)
    Lightroom – Capture One
    *Still getting used to this one, but saving me money nonetheless.

    Photoshop – Affinity Photo
    Illustrator – Affinity Designer
    Indesign – X (Waiting for Publisher?)
    Premiere – Lumafusion (Nothing serious/intensive on mobile anyways)
    After Effects – X (Don't really need it on iPad)
    Lightroom – Darkroom

    All these offer me top notch results, no client complaints, and I've saved over $300 already, and $70 every month here on out. Opinions or other suggestions?

  4. Robert Par
    Robert Par says:

    I feel your pain buddy. I was so freaking excited to download PS on my iPad, but when i started using it ….sooooo disappointed.
    Too many features and tools are missing!

    You should try Affinity Serif or Procreate.

  5. Nick Figueroa
    Nick Figueroa says:

    I am sorry but if you are a professional why would you use the iPad with a keyboard when you can use a windows tablet with more powerful specs, with a pen and keyboard and the actual full photoshop and probably a lot cheaper, I am just as much disappointed in this version as you. but come one the iPad is not ready for professional use it’s almost there but not needs more time. I use Lightroom for basic adjustments but that’s about it. for now I am going to be using photoshop for the iPad only for blemish removal and that’s it than I will use the. Cloud PSD that’s about the only thing they got right

  6. Justin Freiler
    Justin Freiler says:

    Really not sure why Adobe should be industry standard anymore. Their apps feel archaic and other than Lightroom, Adobe still hasn't figured out a seamless experience between ipad and desktop. Meanwhile Affinity has had their suite on both ipad and desktop for 2 years.

  7. Anthony Dawson
    Anthony Dawson says:

    You can quickly select the eye dropper while using brush tool with Photoshop for iPad. You do it by sliding your finger to the outer edge of the secondary function ring. Did take me a few goes to realise this, it’s not obvious.

  8. Rusty R
    Rusty R says:

    How do you feel about the Logitech keyboard for the iPad Pro. Ive noticed that there is times when I don’t use it for a day I would have to re sync it again and again. Does that happen to you as well?

  9. kizoo
    kizoo says:

    The eyedropper has always had the shortcut set to I, even on the desktop,it has two different shortcuts ^^" only one is less used, so wierd they would keep the one that people don't really use haha

  10. Meagen Ruttan
    Meagen Ruttan says:

    Oh man, I hope I'm not putting myself in the line of fire here, but I've always used "i" for the eyebropper tool. I have my pinky finger on "E" for the eraser, pointer finger on "i" which also puts it close to "L" so I can rock that lasso tool and then my thumb works the space bar and "B" brush tool. I am all ears if there is a more stream line way of using short cuts!

  11. Jimmy Rosenberger
    Jimmy Rosenberger says:

    There is an alt button on the screen. Little circle that is on the bottom left as default. If you are using the brush tool it changes it to erase. If you click it , drag down, and hold, it makes it the eye dropper tool. Not sure that helps though.

  12. Chris
    Chris says:

    Are you sure there's no way to customise the apple pencil double tap feature? Every app I have used that supports the pencil has an option to change it. Even Photoshop Sketch had it.


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