Photoshop For The iPad Is Disappointing


Yesterday Adobe held their annual Adobe Max conference where they announced all the updates to their major apps like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After effects and even some new apps.
Today I want to take a look at their brand new Photoshop announcement for the iPad. In the future adobe is also planning to bring other apps such as adobe illustrator to tablet devices.

Let’s take a look if Photoshop for the iPad can compare to the desktop equivalent and if it’s worth spending on that adobe creative cloud subscription.
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  1. Mac McRae
    Mac McRae says:

    Could someone make the vector pen tool and make it work like it does in Photoshop and sell it in the app store? I would pay $30 for that and u can set the rest of Photoshop on fire.

  2. Alex UnLimited
    Alex UnLimited says:

    Hi, I have a question, are you from Romania ? I just saw a video where you reviewed some websites made by your subs and I have noticed that on your Facebook tab you had "… ți-a trimis un mesaj" :D.

  3. Marco Di Mario
    Marco Di Mario says:

    Thanks for this review!
    This app has TERRIBLE WORKFLOW! Really Bad.
    Hilarious pathetic castrated version of the "dinosaur" Photoshop desktop.
    And with its subscription model…is a joke!
    Adobe is late to the party, again.
    Affinity, Procreate, Artstudio Pro, every day, on iPad Pro 🙂
    That guys are really awesome!
    Adobe…bye bye.
    Photoshop for iPad is…the best thing happened to Affinity & co. 🙂
    Thanks Adobe to write such a pricey and castrated app.

  4. Ciprian Tepes
    Ciprian Tepes says:

    Ed, you just made a video titled "Why I Don't Buy Apple Products" – what are you doing? Is that either hypocrisy or admitting that Apple does good products but not being able to afford them created that rant?

  5. google account name
    google account name says:

    Affinity Photo on iPad supports raw editing, selection refining, content aware fill (called inpainting), drop shadow (called box shadow), and everything else the desktop version can do. You can also import from and export to psd files.

  6. Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore says:

    Clip Studio: Here’s our complete software package exactly as is but for iPad

    Procreate: Here’s an app that reinvents what a drawing application can be

    Photoshop: Here’s our scraps. That’ll be fifty bucks

  7. Vinicius Bortoletto
    Vinicius Bortoletto says:

    I've always disliked Photoshop. I used to use it for drawing and painting, but I always felt the design of the software was too "busy", too much things happening on the screen. I often felt lost when working on it. And it seems they're doing the same thing on the app.

    But then Procreate came.


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