People Really Like The Apple iPad Pro


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  1. Lamar Taylor
    Lamar Taylor says:

    My iPad Pro is perfect at home and when I travel. At home I use it for web browsing, music streaming, gaming, reading, and watching YouTube. When I travel it’s great for watching downloaded movies, sports, and music videos while at the airport or on the airplane. Since I use it daily for so many tasks I can justify the purchase.

  2. Gurumurty Hegde
    Gurumurty Hegde says:

    But, iPad pro is too too much delicate. Very hesitant to take it with me on the go, in bus, train, or crowded area. Little presure and that thing brokes. Gonna sell Soon and be done with it.
    Using experience is so much nice though.

  3. munchy 22
    munchy 22 says:

    im not a apple fan dont like the os but i would happily own a ipad pro but i need a stand built in so bought a yoga pro 2, not anywhere near as fast or good as the ipad pro but its load and nexflis and plex work fine. on the other end i spent my childhood in 70s and early 80s in saudi arabia as dad worked there and everything was hitachi. I had 2 tvs portable and a high getoblaster cassette and radio player and we had a main tv that was sony and hitachi was by far alway the best most durable and lasting products i have ever had even to this day. i have a samsung tv 5 years old and its smart hub updayed is broken badly. plex does even work on it any more. in its forst year my samsung tv started playing random adverts. younhave to understand it played adverts on my hdmi that had only my pc and kodi on. yet my movies had placed adverts and it wasnt my kodi. all the kodi movies were my own owned movies. i also have a sgear frontier owned 2 years and its never been reliable for wireless payments. samsung also has a bad microsft windows habit of removing useful features like audio control or bixby disable just after you buy their phones. the samsung customer service makes promises and then multiple times doesnt contact you as promised.
    i definatly wouldnt buy a samsung product again. im out after my s9 plus dies. god i wish a company would be as reliable and great as hitachi was in the old days lol.
    remember if your buying a samsung tv itll more than likely break in some way before 5 years. i dont like buying expensive products for a short timespan

  4. Kenny Johnson
    Kenny Johnson says:

    I use a samsung tab s4 it does great screen is really good and s pen just makes it better. I dont think everyone needs i pad pro type power if you do great but not everyone does. I can do basic work things with this tablet and it has dex also plays games just fine.

  5. Richard Crossley
    Richard Crossley says:

    Another big factor is long term support as tablet optimization. I loved my Pixel C tablet but after 3 years no support and tablet apps were terrible Vs iPad. Only way is buy a Android tablet is for it to be half the price as you get half the long term support.

  6. Regan
    Regan says:

    I use a 10.5 inch iPad Pro, and I honestly think it’s better than the 2018 Pro’s. It’s got a 120htz display, quad speakers, HEADPHONE JACK, and it doesn’t bend


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