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There are plenty of things we review that I use but don’t use personally. This is not one of those things. I use Paprika as my default cooking application and have been endlessly recommending it everyone I know. Please check it out for yourself! You won’t regret it!



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  1. Darren Shartle
    Darren Shartle says:

    Id like to add recipes I’ve collected that are in a variety of places….bookmarked, physical binder, flash drive, messages on iphone. Are there instructions somewhere for how to do this? Also, I believe you said in the video that for iphone and ipad it will be 2 separate purchases?

  2. Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M says:

    A little constructive criticism: Talk slower and enunciate better. Many of your words are slurred, and there were some sentences that were completely unintelligible.

  3. Kim Holmlund
    Kim Holmlund says:

    If I want to write in a meal rather than using a recipe, can I do that? For example, if I want to make meatball subs on Wed. but don't have a recipe for it, can I just type it in?

    Also, can you edit the grocery aisles — change the names and put them in a different order so they sync with your grocery store?

  4. Joyce Neville
    Joyce Neville says:

    Great review, The calendar is actually for menu planning, I built lists of dinners in the menu section and I can put them on the calendar and then move them to the grocery list.

  5. Betty Banovic
    Betty Banovic says:

    can this be used across platforms? do you have to purchase it for the ipad and the iphone? I did it for my iPad thinking i could just download it to my phone later but it says I have to pay 4.99 again. Not happy at this point.

  6. WaHaHappenWuz
    WaHaHappenWuz says:

    Just watched the video, thanks for the review. Thinking of switching over to Paprika since YummySoup seems to be dead in the water. I noted you mentioned no iCloud sync as a con. Just a thought – without knowing how much data a recipe typically takes up with pictures etc but if Paprika sync doesn't have a data usage limit (I haven't seen one listed/mentioned), like iCloud does before you have to pay, for me – having over 1k recipes in YummySoup, I like the idea of unlimited sync data for free.

  7. Belle Aimee
    Belle Aimee says:

    Thanks for the review! Very informative. It's great to see it in action since I can't find a free trial version for my iPad/iPhone.
    I currently use Pepperplate, but am wondering if the Paprika app is a worthy replacement/upgrade? I'm also wondering what the "pantry" button does. It's at the bottom when you're viewing the groceries shopping list.

    Thanks again!

  8. Glenda Wolfer
    Glenda Wolfer says:

    Just finished watching your tutorial on Paprika, looks like something I would use. I have a lot of recipes that are scanned and would need to import is this possible? Also I spent some time cutting & pasting various recipes I had stored on my pc. When I checked them on Paprika I saw the recipes but the category folders where empty. Is this because I still have a trial version?

  9. Timothy Raper
    Timothy Raper says:

    I just got my first iPad and I'm not very familiar with it yet but this is definitely my first app purchase. Can you still get your recipes if you are somewhere with no wifi?


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