Pandigital Nova Android Tablet Review


This is my review and thoughts on the Pandigital Nova which is the middle child in their family of android tablets coming in front of the “Planet” and behind the “Super Nova”. If you like the looks of this tablet then feel free to check out their website and their other products using the link below.


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  1. Tre Ingram
    Tre Ingram says:

    this thing scks!! i would say root it to get the Play store or search the app and say apk to get what you want because this things has NO APPS ON ITS MARKet except angry birds and junk

  2. mocca2sweet
    mocca2sweet says:

    @spikeyhat09 though ive never used this one, i have a pandigital tablet and i like it alot (even though i still have to get somethin else but thats cuz somethin went wrong with mine) i just think that people shouldnt try to compare this to an ipad…of course the ipad wins…but its meant to be affordable cuz not everyone has $600 to drop on a tablet so i wouldnt count it out completely however i do agree with u on this tablet cuz it does look a little…uncool:)

  3. ThoseTechGuys
    ThoseTechGuys says:

    Face it, you hate the thing. Resistive, 800×600 low-res display, cheap build, outdated software that will never be updated, and overall an iPod touch or Kindle Fire is a better device.


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