Otterbox Amplify iPhone 11 Review


So the Otterbox Amplify screen protector. Engineered by Corning so that Otterbox can charge you a lot of money for it.

The question is, should you spend a lot of money for it? The short answer is: Only if it’s on sale.

So see if the Otterbox Amplify is on sale on Amazon!
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Or check out the FloLab screen I was talking about in the video:

At MREH, Monty and I base all our reviews on actual usage. We all work hard for our money so shouldn’t the companies that we give our money to, work hard to create products worthy of our time and money.

That’s what I think anyways. So in the next few minutes, I’m going to talk about the type of glass used in the Amplify, the scratch protection it actually offers, how tough it is and offer a couple of Alternatives to product.

The Amplify is Otterbox’s premium screen protector. Now there is generally a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to screen protectors as certain brands will claim to have great glass when they really don’t. The Amplify carries its weight In terms of where it sits in the market, relative to the quality of the product.

The Amplify is made from AluminoSiliciate glass which is basically double tempered glass where a company takes normal glass and gives it a chemical bath. This double tempering improves the amount of impact the screen protector can take.

Installation of the product was easy as Otterbox includes the standard wipes, dust sticker and frame. Re-installation at the Apple store was equally as easy though I thought it seemed thinner given that the bubbling on one corner didn’t go away. The only way to confirm my suspicion was to do an actual impact test.

Now after 8 months of usage, the screen protector looked pretty rough. All the talk about extra scratch protection and being 5x stronger than other brands is just a giant pile of steaming Marketing Fluff. I’ll be honest with you, picking up a pile of steaming Monty poop in the morning give me more answers than Otterbox’s marketing fluff.

Ewww…poop. Well, everything comes to poo, from the top of your head, to the sole of your shoe

Oh Scrubs, how I love thee.

BUT what’s the actual scratch resistance?

So nothing special. It seems like everything scratches between 6 and 7 and gets destroyed by 8.

So how about impact?

At the end of the day, the Amplify broke pretty consistently at 103 cm on my testing unit which puts up right where the Belkin Invisiglass Ultra is from the Apple store. Which makes sense, because Belkin uses Corning glass as well.

But the Amplify still falls short when compared to the toughest glass screen protector I’ve used to date, the ones from FloLab.

So can the Otterbox Amplify command a premium price of 50 bucks? Yes and no. Yes because that’s where other name brand companies have put their products at.

No because you can get a tougher Flolab screen protector at half the price.

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38 replies
  1. Just Nick
    Just Nick says:

    I’ve been looking at getting a FloLab screen protector, you should do a review for it (application demo, durability testing, etc) in its own video, like this

  2. Brian Weeks
    Brian Weeks says:

    Why would you not want to draw attention to your channel? Your the only REAL tester I’ll buy anything based on your reviews. Got FLOLAB screen protector and rhino shield solid suit on my iPhone 11 right now.

  3. Neverpure2009
    Neverpure2009 says:

    Great review. Bought the first Flolab Screen Protector after seeing your video on that one. Bought through Flolab using your discount code and gave a shoutout to you through them when asked 🙂

  4. ravenryuu
    ravenryuu says:

    I’d pick Monty poop over marketing poo any day 💩. Your reviews are incredibly valuable – I appreciate all the time, effort, and money you put into this 👏🤩

  5. elitemav
    elitemav says:

    I got one for my 11 pro max and its amazing. I tried a bunch of other protectors and wish I just got this one to begin with. they are like $35 on Amazon Prime and worth every penny.

  6. A G
    A G says:

    Please do a review on everythingapplepro’s case!!
    The rebel case.

    He dropped it 50ft! Please check it out. I’ve always liked your channel since it’s unbiased.

  7. Romano
    Romano says:

    Please do a review of the new Dbrand prism, I bought it and have it on my iPhone 11, I want to know if the high price they ask is worth it or not. They have a really cool video where they hit the protector+phone with a DeWalt hammer, (very hard) but I haven't found a any other video on YouTube doing the same.


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