Otterbox Agility System For iPad And iPad Mini Review.


Why you need the Otterbox Agility system in the kitchen if you’re a foodie like Caribbean cookbook author Chris De La Rosa. Chris shares his review of the OtterBox Agility system for the iPad mini and shows you how convenient it is in the kitchen. The Otterbox Agility system is also made for the iPad and if you’re like Chris, you’ll learn how to save money by getting the Otterbox cases for your iPhone.

Thumbnail image : Kieana De La Rosa
Video Assistant: India De La Rosa

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  1. Usha Ramdial
    Usha Ramdial says:

    Adding the Trick Ingredient of " brown sugar" brings a new heightened flavour to many Caribbean dishes including this pasta sauce.This is a  wicked recipe  as Chris mentioned in his video. My family loved it.   

  2. Robert Bird
    Robert Bird says:

    Hello Chris , Your Island Lady here. I must say you made that sauce the way I would , and that pinch of sugar , does do the trick every time. The funny thing when I am lazy to do my sauce from scratch , I would use a basic can one and add all sorts of ingredients to it  . including that sugar . Like you say , it helps with the acidity and also enhances the taste of the sauce. Noe for my wish . i want to win that book to I can add to my collecting next to yours on my book shelf, and don't worry My hubby and I use it quite a bit . I also should admit that he has been cooking for me for 38 years and I love it . Smile. I do cook also , but being a Caribbean Lady , Its my island foods when I do .. So , put my name in the hat and I hope I win . 


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