Opening up Sony's Android Tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z (Teardown)


We drew the curtain on our new Android Tablet — the Xperia Tablet Z — at Mobile World Congress back in February. Being the gadget geeks we are, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to open it up for a peek at the insides. Check out the video to see what makes this baby run. Spoiler alert: Lots of techie eye candy ahead …



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  1. Paolo Canada
    Paolo Canada says:

    this video doesn't make any sense, do you wanna show in details how to open up a z4 tablet or do you wanna give us a brief view of that? in this case your steps are too quickly shown with no important detailed closeup view of how to safely operate, and i ask myself why you do guys make such of video.
    sometimes i don't really get why you guys make this sort of "all-in-one" videos if not for the purpose of some more visualization.

  2. RAD POL
    RAD POL says:

    I have the same piece of shit,  usb port is not charging again and I paid 90£ to repair literatly 2 months ago, Sony stick with playstation only, I have smart phones sony and again same useless piece of shit

  3. Fay Lewin
    Fay Lewin says:

    I have the same problem re charging and was told that the battery might need replacing. Considering how much they are looking to charge me to change it, along with the cost of changing the charging port, I could of just bought a new tablet. A less complicated and expensive to fix! Lesson learned. Should have stuck to Samsung.

  4. Garreth Moran
    Garreth Moran says:

    got replacement charging port but not detecting it when turned on nothing damaged or faulty on device as it powered on for a few minutes as their was a small charge left in battery wont charge at all any help would be great plus pc not detecting it either

    NBMSCH says:

    yeah thats right, I have an Xperia S, and it feature a 12mpx back camera @ 1080p Full HD shooting capability along with a front 1.3mpx facing camera @720p HD video shooting. I have been taking a mind blowing shots and videos with this amazing phone. if you see them you'd think! ohh wow, is it a DSLR camera or a Digital Still camera! shots!!!

    Sony's camera are the best in smartphones! that's why iphone are using Sony Exmor sensor in their cameras.



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