OnePlus 7 Review


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  1. st1x
    st1x says:

    The back is glass not for wireless charging only. Some of the Nokia lumias in the past used wireless Qi charging even the back is plastic. One plus's glass back is to maximize LTE/data reception.

  2. Chandler Burns
    Chandler Burns says:

    Great review! I honestly wish the regular OnePlus 7 was released here in the U.S. alongside the 7 Pro, but that just didn't happen for whatever reason. I would take this over the Pro in a heartbeat, it packs all the essentials for a cheaper price and is not so damn huge & heavy. I just wish it got a wide-angle lense or a telephoto instead of the depth sensor…

    Also, I have that exact same model Coca-Cola Beetle! ❤️

  3. Jar Dani
    Jar Dani says:

    Sigurado yung oneplus 8 magiging 50k na. Tapos yung flagship "affordable" flagships ay around 50k na. Tapos yung mga iphone at samsung galaxy s series price starts at 70 to 80k na. 5G. WTF

  4. Dad Gyul
    Dad Gyul says:

    its much cheaper than 6 and 6t wow. I got my OP6 with 8gb ram and 128gb storage at P34,000 i think? They are releasing this cheaper too than any other country. This retails for around 29k in india where smartphones are usually cheaper than in the PH.


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