OnePlus 6T Revisited: Better than Pixel 3?


My wishlist for OnePlus 7: A better camera.

OnePlus 6T GCAM mod (with night sight):

OnePlus 6T Review:
My problems with Pixel 2:

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  1. Cω Tham
    Cω Tham says:

    OnePlus' battery optimisation is too aggressive. It terminates all background apps and services, rendering the phone stupid. Gmail, GPhotos, Keep's location reminder and etc, all failed to work properly. Phone is fast, but stupid.

  2. Plump Cat
    Plump Cat says:

    I'm going to be switching to the One Plus 7 this may Because my LG G6 is by far the most laggy and unpleasant phone I've ever used, even worse than my iPhone 5.

  3. Mike Gaudiello
    Mike Gaudiello says:

    Why does NO ONE ever touch on poor Camera2 API support? Slow, shitty, smeary video in any 3rd party camera app. Oneplus won't fix, devs won't use an API that works, every user suffers. Amazing.

  4. Phoenix Vengeance
    Phoenix Vengeance says:

    +Marques Brownlee

    I did exactly that! Installed the Google Camera.apk on the OnePlus 6T and have been using it as my daily driver. Its performance is bar none!

    I still stuck and use the 2017 Pixel 2 XL and skipped the 3 XL because I hate fugly notches. I'm a fan of stock Android since the Nexus days and keep using the Pixel as a backup as well as the Note 9 for its features, pristine Super AMOLED screen + S-Pen.

  5. rsilinnyc
    rsilinnyc says:

    I'm personally looking forward to the Pixel 4 XL replacing my Pixel 2 XL but I really hope Google saw this video of yours and keeps the dual front facing stereo speakers and improves the performance.

  6. eth n
    eth n says:

    😀😂🤣 Get a girlfriend. Hook yourself so you dont get time to switch.
    You are not perfect . 😉😉 Casey drone wrecked.
    Don't be Perfectionist.
    My Honest opinion , Shit happens.

  7. Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner says:

    One plus is a far better phone company and built better! I've seen all the teardowns and wear and tear and the pixel is a joke! The camera on the OnePlus is much better than you've rated! It's $200 cheaper and No Controversial baggage from the pixel line! The only reason I'd use a pixel, it's to look up where I could buy a different flagship! Pixel camera be dammed! Lol

  8. Rishabh Haridas
    Rishabh Haridas says:

    Honestly, OnePlus makes such amazing phones that are so competitive with the flagships and the only reason it's not the best is because of the fact that OnePlus is trying to make it a budget phone. If OnePlus puts wireless charging, water resistance, and puts really good cameras in the OnePlus 7 Pro and prices it competitively at maybe $750 (which is still cheaper than Samsung, Apple, and Google) it's going to be to by far the best phone of 2019. Atleast until the OnePlus 7t Pro.

  9. gm92845
    gm92845 says:

    I highly disagree that the OnePlus 6T has a C+ camera. The pictures I have taken have been amazing. The stock camera app would easily be an A for me.

  10. Md Moniruzzaman
    Md Moniruzzaman says:

    Hi!I am Moniruzzaman from Bangladesh,I see your all videos . Your videos nice, i want to buy a new phone..I want the phone use for 2-3 year..l like 2 phone ,plz tell me who is best ..1 LG G7 or One plus 6????plz answer me!!!

  11. Syed Rahim
    Syed Rahim says:

    My Gcam one Oneplus5t crash to often. I cant take potrait selfie or even use hdr+ enabled camera. Any recommendations on which version from which developers I should try?

  12. Jodiann Walker
    Jodiann Walker says:

    If the thing is not selling in the States, it doesn't make sense to be reviewing anything for them. They steal bubblegum and meat, and most of them live on the fucking streets. What's the point of selling Vertu or Gresso to them? When their minds are so focused on finding food and food is so hard to get over there, they don't have the resources to buy a smartphone.

  13. sley GTC
    sley GTC says:

    I have the OnePlus 3 and I recently switched to the s9+ and I hate it do much, my OnePlus 3 worked so much better everything worked as it should with no bugs and the camera quality seems like it was better using that Google camera port on my oneplus 3, the sound modes slider on the side is something I miss on a daily basis and the s9+ isn't all that, just comes to show that OnePlus really do have the best software and sometimes hardware experience

  14. N N
    N N says:

    How to solve the zoom? Insta stories is too zoomed in and cuts. YouTube cuts in full screen. Talking abt my one plus 6t


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