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Should you buy the OnePlus 6T? Starting from £499/$549, the OnePlus 6T offers incredible value for money! With flagship specs, in-screen fingerprint reader, bigger battery & improved low-light camera! Buy:

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41 replies
  1. CHRIS
    CHRIS says:

    Planning on getting it soon. Even though it's not a huge change, I don't upgrade every year so as long as it has good features such as speed and quality photos, I'd be ok

    RAJW-TECH says:

    I'm upgrading from note 8. It's between this phone and the pixel 3 xl. This one offers more ram and storage. Pixel better .camera and more ' clever. So, im stuck !

  3. Nihad Kolubara
    Nihad Kolubara says:

    Kinda bad that you are comparing camera quality with iPhones, which are so much more expensive. Offcourse they have better cameras. It is like comparing the speed of a Lamborghini and a Fiat

  4. Nick Aguirre
    Nick Aguirre says:

    It's an awesome phone for someone who doesn't own the 6 in my opinion. I came from an old Motorola Nexus 6 and the 6t is a HUGE upgrade! My only gripe is the the single speaker. Everything else about the 6t is AMAZING to me!

  5. Alchemist-A
    Alchemist-A says:

    Great review. Thanks!
    Here's why I won't buy the 6T:
    1. No headphone jack
    2. No IP rating
    3. The in-screen fingerprint scanner is inferior to the regular one
    I have been using Oneplus phones for years mainly because of the Oxygen OS. I hate to switch, but I have to. I may get the Huawei Mate 20 X; it has the jack and I may get used to the EMUI skin.

  6. Anant Aggarwal
    Anant Aggarwal says:

    Why has OnePlus suddenly started seeming like a company so diffident of its own current devices and their success that it needs to upgrade its devices every 4-5 months just for a single new technology?? Why would I or for that matter anyone buy something called premium that has a shelf life of only 4-5 months?? Why won't I or for that matter anyone won't buy a phone which augments almost all aspects and features with each iteration after one full year rather than investing in a phone which extends only a couple of features every 4-5 months from an n to an nt to a n+1 to an (n+1)t and so on and so forth??


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