Oculus Quest | Tech of The Week Ep.27 | Trusted Reviews


Jake and Ryan take a look at the new Oculus Quest.

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13 replies
  1. Stephen Holland
    Stephen Holland says:

    He gives a very poor explanation of how the Quest is different from the Go. It's not just that one had bad hardware and the other has better hardware. The Oculus Go controller and headset have only three degrees of freedom. They can handle pitch, roll, and yaw, i.e. looking around from a stationary point in space, but you cannot move around in XYZ space. The headset and controllers of the Oculus Quest feature 6 of freedom, so you can translate your motion in space.

  2. Luke Martin
    Luke Martin says:

    Ok guys so the difference between go and quest is as follows. Go is 3dof (degrees of freedom) you can look up and down, tilt left and right, and tilt your head diagonally. Its designed for media viewing primarily. The quest is 6dof so you can additionally move your head forward/back, up/down and left/right (i.e. you can move anywhere as long as the cameras can track your surroundings. The quest is designed as a game console. Also the go has essentially a laser pointer and the quest has two hand tracked controllers.


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