NVIDIA Shield Tablet Review


Miriam Joire reviews the NVIDIA Shield Tablet on Before You Buy 168.

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  1. Justone
    Justone says:

    HELP. I want to get this but as i am on airplanes alot is it possible to play games that you have bought from the google android nvidia store without a wifi connection also the PC gamestream only works if you are connected to the same WiFi network correct? Or can you just leave your PC on, and go to say a friends, connect to their WiFi and play like that

  2. Gino Guillermo
    Gino Guillermo says:

    How about a video of Android 5.1 features and improvements especially complaints/criticisms on the screen quality, muffled/forced-out speakers volume, poor battery life and slow performance please.

  3. Tech Front|Line
    Tech Front|Line says:

    I own one of these and it's turned into my daily tablet driver(clunky at first but Nvidia fixed many issues with patches and updates) . I purchased mine during the Christmas bundle sale which included Half Life, Half Life 2, and Portal as a gaming bundle. Additionally came with the gaming controller as well and the 32GB LTE Shield Tablet for around $450. Incredibly happy with the tablet and accessories at that price.

    Additionally, because I also have a beefy gaming desktop PC at home means that i am able to stream games from my PC to my Shield tablet so I can play my heavy, robust, full-on PC games pushed to my tablet for portable gaming powered by my SLI Nvidia GTX 980s gaming desktop. The gaming PC handles the load and streams everything over at 1080p/60fps. I can also plugged the tablet into my 52" HD TV using the hdmi input and can continue gaming wirelessly using the Shield controller on the big screen.

  4. Kyle Freeman
    Kyle Freeman says:

    nVidia shield… showed no gaming/nVidia Grid/Controller support. Yes, it is a great Android tablet. The keyboard folio differentiates the Nexus 9 quite a bit. It is a good comparison, but although the internals are very similar the use case is pretty different.


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