NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1 (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) Full Review


Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Prices & Availability: http://geni.us/NVIDIAShieldK1

In my opinion the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet at the price point that is being sold its probably the Best Android Tablet on the 200 dollars mark and its pretty difficult to get a tablet with similar price, performance and features at this price.

It features the Arm Cortex A15 Quad Core CPU @ 2,2Ghz, The Nvidia Tegra K1 GPU, 2GB of DDR3 Ram and 16GB of Flash Storage with Android Lollipop on a 8″ IPS LCD Display with a resolution of 1920×1200.

A great surprise was to find the update to android Marshmallow as soon as i turned the tablet on, and one of the feature that i love on the new OS is the ability to effectively use the external storage to install heavy aps such as games.

Connectivity / Features:
– 3.5mm Headphone Jack
– Mini HDMI
– Micro USB
– Dual side / Front Speakers
– Micro Sd Card Slot
– Volume Rocker
– Power Buton
– 5mp front and back camera

In terms of built quality its really solid and a great grip with the rubberized material that Nvidia used on the construction that will handle some abuse from users.

Performance wise it passed all the tests without any issues.
Benchmarked with:
– Network Speed Test, Disk Speed Test, Antuntu, 3D Mark Score, Epic Citadel
– Android Gaming, Geforce Now and PC Game Stream
– Video Playback with Latest Version of Kodi 15.2
– Airplay Stream from Iphone, Ipad and Imac with Air Pin Pro app.
– Battery tests with a 30 minutes sample

Photos & Video Original Samples: https://db.tt/trsVoTy8

Things i did like the most:
– Built Quality
– Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update
– Great Overall Performance
– Online Updates
– Able to be Used in Console Mode connected to a TV

Things i did Like the Least:
– I Would like to see a Micro USB to USB cable included

Hope you guys enjoy the Video
All the Best
Roberto Jorge

– Tears of steel used as test under CC 3.0 @ https://mango.blender.org/

– Big Buck Bunny used as test under CC 3.0 @ https://peach.blender.org/

– Sintel used as test under CC 3.0 @



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  1. TheMadBom6er
    TheMadBom6er says:

    hi i have been looking at the k1 and online game streaming wot was the best one you said you like the best i didn't here properly.got i link to the online cloud game streaming please

  2. Franz
    Franz says:

    should I get this one or samsung galaxy tab a 10.1? looking for a tablet that can do probably almost any task …I don't do alot of gaming on a tablet as I have a ps4…

  3. Okeanos
    Okeanos says:

    I have a Problem. I bought the K1 and i thought ahh a controller is nice. BUT …… Is nowhere to be found oO has anyone a link where i can buy the controller?


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