NuVision $79 Windows 10 Tablet Review - TM800W610L Signature Edition


Buy one at Microsoft: (affiliate link) – $79 can buy you a fully functional Windows PC tablet with a 1920×1200 8″ IPS display and Atom X5-z8300 processor. See more tablets: and subscribe! index below:

00:36 – Hardware overview
00:45 – Build quality
00:51 – Display quality
01:10 – Screen bleed through
01:31 – Processor, RAM and Storage
02:30 – MicroSD card slot
03:10 – Ports and connectors
04:19 – Weight
04:24 – Battery life
04:40 – Cameras
05:08 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix video playback
05:57 – Performance: Web Browsing
06:28 – WiFi issues
07:06 – speedometer test
07:36 – Performance: Microsoft Word / Office
08:00 – Logitech Keyboard rec: (affiliate link)
08:37 – Gaming: Minecraft
09:15 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:46 – Gaming recommendations
10:37 – Gaming: 3DMark Cloudgate Test
11:01 – Kodi and Blu Ray MKV playback
11:57 – Conclusion and final thoughts

See my video on Edge vs. Chrome here:

It’s nice to see there are still Windows tablets that are functional coming in at under $100. I’m also pleased that this one has a 1 year warranty. Many cheap tablets come from no-name manufacturers or offer shorter warranties like Amazon does with its 90 day Fire tablet.

It’s not perfect of course. The Wifi was a little problematic for me and the camera system is total garbage. But they put in quality where it really counts, namely in its display: 1920 x 1200 at this price point is a really decent value.

Performance otherwise is good and in line with other Atom Cherry Trail based devices.

If you’re looking for a cheap Windows device to play around with you can’t go wrong with this one.

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21 replies
  1. Sasino _
    Sasino _ says:

    Would you recommend this tablet to be used in a restaurant by waiters for taking orders? I am developing a Windows application specifically for this task, and I need affordable hardware to combine with my software. This one looks so great because it seems to be responsive (based on the reviews), lightweight, and has Windows 10.

  2. RyanWake bradtelle
    RyanWake bradtelle says:

    Bloatware on a Windows PC usually means that you can just uninstall it with Revo uninstaller or other uninstallers, so depending on how much bloatware there was and how much money is saved I would definitely consider the bloatware option.

  3. DSrocks690
    DSrocks690 says:

    Hey… I have found that the drivers that came preinstalled on the device are old and hinder the performance of the graphics. If you install the latest drivers directly from intel, you may actually see a performance increase.


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