Nubia Z20 Review - Dual Screen SD855+ Flagship Mobile


Nubia Z20 unboxing and full in-depth review including battery life, gaming and camera samples of this dual-screen Snapdragon 855+ Android 9.0 mobile. Nubia Z20 Phone: Nubia Official Site: Red Magic 3s Phone:
03:51 – Screens
06:01 – Audio & sample
06:57 – ROM & benchmarks
11:07 – Gaming and thermals
12:47 – Camera App
13:46 – Video samples
14:58 – Photo samples
16:31 – Recap + Pros & Cons

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Tech Tablets reviews the latest in Chinese tablets, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. We aim to deliver honest reviews, from a user perspective to help you choose the best tech for your needs. Covering points that matter to you as a user with comparisons, benchmarks, thermals and testing popular games.

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46 replies
  1. Andika Ardi Kusuma
    Andika Ardi Kusuma says:

    Will this phone will get regular update? Do u think this phone will have have good/much custom rom on xda forum?
    Last time i bought lenovo phone, they never give any update software for their phones
    U know, the specs is great, but without regular update, this kind of phones will die soon

  2. asim rauh
    asim rauh says:

    Your set aesthetics are great! But maybe have a tldr version with 4-5 mins and a link for the extended version 🙂
    Really hope you can make it with the top phone reviewers like mkbhd, mrwhosetheboss and dave2d who make short videos all the time but long videos from time to time

  3. ritual301
    ritual301 says:

    Glad you reviewed this one, as you do some of the best reviews on YT. This phone looked pretty interesting when I first saw it, and still does after your review. Seems pretty solid (aside from some of the software), and presents a viable solution to the notch. Be interesting to see what kinds of notch-less solutions come up for us in 2020. If I were in the market for a new phone, I think this Nubia, or something like it, could definitely be one that I'd consider. Thank you!

  4. Marcelo Conti
    Marcelo Conti says:

    Excelent job man, you always do a very careful and tidy job. Dual screen not for me, but…very nice quality cameras!! I was surprised by the photograph of this Nubia, above Mi 9, Realme X2 Pro, etc.

  5. FiXato
    FiXato says:

    That's some of the tinniest Carbon Based Lifeforms I've heard…

    Does OpenCamera run on it, and more importantly, can that use the wide-screen camera and high-res, high fps options while using the camera with the secondary screen?

  6. Rankored
    Rankored says:

    I think the 1080p restriction on "selfie mode" is just for stuff like facetime, skype etc. good luck streaming 4k 60fps, think about the data and the fact that there is little chance someone will have 4k screen so it will just be wasted. From what I remember from some other review there is some trick to record selfie 4k, but I might be remembering wrong.

    I chose it as my next phone because I don't really care about selfies and I hate the notch, now waiting for some bigger tech channels to review it. This is the first review of global version I saw, and the standard definition Netflix is sad. The SoT is, I guess okay. Gonna wait with my purchase for more info. The only choice for me right now are RoG 2 (too big and too heavy), Meizu 16s Pro(I dont see a global version right now) or Nubia Z20. Yeah no motorized camera either, this is just dumb.

    Great review as always.

  7. DADO
    DADO says:

    Finally my favorite asian brand,thanks so much.Nubia phones were always so innovative and beautifull,and that signature Nubia black and gold color need to come back on z20.

  8. Sam Fisher
    Sam Fisher says:

    I think ZTE is using Lineage source code as all their phones have the same settings menu with minimal features, it may be due to that companies snapped the professional developers out and hired them and spared none to ZTE!


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