No Joke! It's the New T-Mobile - Tech News Weekly 127


Using the Oura smart ring to catch COVID-19 symptoms, breaking down the T-Mobile & Sprint merger, and celebrating virtual weddings on Zoom.

First, CNET’s Lexy Savvides joins us to talk about a new study from the University of California, San Francisco. Using a smart ring called Oura, the study aims to determine if wearables can detect early symptoms of COVID-19.

Then, Joe Maring of Android Central breaks down the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. Where’s John Legere headed? What, exactly, is “The New T-Mobile”? Maring answers these questions and more.

Then, The Verge’s Zoe Schiffer raises our spirits by sharing stories of folks who’ve used Zoom to host virtual weddings in the time of social distancing.

Lastly, Jason and Mikah talk about their stories of the week: Apple acquires Dark Sky and shuts down the Android version; the Internet Archive offers up The National Emergency Library, filled with hundreds of e-books and other resources.

Hosts: Jason Howell, Mikah Sargent
Guests: Lexy Savvides, Joe Maring, Zoe Schiffer

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2 replies
  1. Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson says:

    Haha, love the monitor setup in the studio! I usually listen to this every week via Google Home podcasts, but I had to come here to see the arrangement (albeit a bit late).

    p.s. Might I recommend Snap Camera to help disrupt the boredom on Zoom meetings? I used Zoom a lot before but now it’s much more regular since I’m entirely remote/WFH for the past month and it’s funny sometimes to add a virtual 3D cat on your head for a quick laugh or maybe attach some 🚨 lights to your forehead when the discussion goes off track 😆 It’s cool since it creates a new camera that any app can use, so it’s compatible with anything (e.g. Twitch).


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