No Gear Tech Reviews, Xiaomi Mi5, S7, G5, Xperia XP, HP Elite X3 etc.


01:44 HP Elite X3
04:08 LG G5
07:10 Sony Xperia X Performance
08:14 Samsung Galaxy S7
08:36 Xiaomi Mi5 (Pro)
11:46 stupid LG G5 vs. S7 comparison
14:28 Reviewing tech without the tech
24:31 shout-out of the week
26:38 coming soon…


Reviewing Tech without the Tech:

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19 replies
  1. Dean Brickland
    Dean Brickland says:

    I like the camera on my z3. I wish it was better but I refuse to buy a new phone until I can find one that beats my z3 in most areas like screen, camera, battery and performance. at the moment none do all of those things. the g5 and the s7 have my interest but until I know that the battery life is better I'm not buying anything.

  2. nadhir brahem
    nadhir brahem says:

    the Toshiba L50-B-2FH Laptop
    bonjour Monsieur
    lorsque le batterie totalement charge est ce que on peut laisse sous- l'alimentation de façon le batterie reste chargée et le pc consomme directement a partir d'alimentation pour la durée de vie de batterie sera plus longue ?

    hello sir
    when the battery is fully charged what can be sub-let the way the battery power remains charged and consumes pc directly from power to battery life will be longer?

  3. says:

    Another good video. The Xiaomi Mi5 does look good, and it no doubt will be. My only concern is MIUI 7 software with Chinese bloat and the Camera. But for the spec you get the price is right. Edit: Oh and the Xiaomi Mi5 the fingerprint reader is like the LG G5 as I think it sleeps. So you have to push it first, wake it and then it unlocks, so a bit slow. I agree with you on the reviews, I don't think you can ever review a unit without using it for at least a few days and all the time testing everything. At least me personally, I do this. I hate it when people review tablets or mobile based on photos and specs then post it on youtube as a full review. But then never had it in their hands!! So it's wrong to call it a review.

  4. Petr Raisigl
    Petr Raisigl says:

    Thanks for another great video. I do agree with you on the part where you mentioned getting the device actually in hand can completely change your view of it. No matter how great the specs are, if it doesn't feel right in the hand they mean nothing I think. I remember when I was watching reviews of the Xiaomi Mi4 I always thought it was too thick and bulky. I forgot about it and when I saw it in the store I was like wow, what is this beautiful phone? And I bought it right then and there. Same with for example my Idol 3. On pictures and videos it always looked so ugly but then when I saw it and got my hands on it I loved it. So I think watching reviews with no hands on experience will probably provide you with valuable information/opinions, but it's still not something I would base a buying decision on. It is just research. BUT it is same with all reviews where the reviewer actually does get the device hands on. They will provide you with more information and maybe some greater insight but it is nothing compared to actually holding the phone in your hand. I think both types of reviews will bring something to the table and I think people should still make reviews with hands on experience and without.

  5. Gert-Olof Juhrich
    Gert-Olof Juhrich says:

    I think you should get your hand on Windows 10 mobile of today before you diss it any more. Starts to be pathetic how you have opinion about software and hardware you haven't got your hand on.

  6. Witcherworks
    Witcherworks says:

    I think it's good to do research on the product via reviews so that when you actually review the advice yourself you can make a contrast opinion. I couldn't take a review from someone who hasn't even use the device seriously.

  7. Jeremy Collins
    Jeremy Collins says:

    I agree with you on the lg g5 and it lacking as a high end smartphone. The modules is cool but is it useful. For every module you have to reboot and wait for the device to reboot. I see all kinds of scenarios where the modules fail or break.. just think of people sticking in a note 5 spen in backwards lol.. I think you can't review a device without having it.. look at the mate 8 and emui 4.0. all the reviewers trashed it for the software but the features you showed off were actually useful and very optimized for the device and frankly the other reviewers had already decided they weren't going to like the software. I really am looking forward to your review on the mi5 pro! Great video!

  8. John Matthews
    John Matthews says:

    Lol I found that comparison HILARIOUS.
    On the "reviewing without the tech" thing: You cannot go and say that your opinion is geniune without actually using it for a day or more. Example: I just got the LG G2. I thought it would be mediocre but really, it's pretty good. One thing I don't think many reviewers talked about was the 2.5D glass. pretty sure it counts but it wasn't mentioned on any specs sheet I saw.

    I just realized that your channel has improved a lot!! The quality of the room, your confidence etc. BTW good job with the timing again!

  9. Ricardo Azevedo
    Ricardo Azevedo says:

    I don't think we can assess anything without testing it. I mean, we can form an opinion and create expectations but in the end we need to have it to really know what we're talking.


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