Nextway F9X Quad Core Allwinner A31 Tablet Review


Get the Nextway F9X here

Firmware update:
The SDK2.0 firmware came out and its a huge improvement. Much faster and HDMI works excellence now. It fixes a lot of other small issues too. Get it here:

By the way I said 1048×1536 screen but I meant 2048×1536. The FX9’s screen looks really nice!

Folding tablet stand

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38 replies
  1. iamatgg
    iamatgg says:

    found out what the problem is.  
    I had to jiggle the usb port because the port is not well built.
    Initially I notice the charger was bent, and if not careful you could damage the plug ends. 
    So… buy a guarantee with this product or suffer the same fate.

  2. iamatgg
    iamatgg says:

    hi there, mine running fine but now the usb won't work properly. When I hook it up to a keyboard or mouse, it won't work.  I can still access files through usb cable though. I've been trying to do recovery but can't because there is no volume button to browse the recovery option.  Any tip would be appreciated.

  3. iamatgg
    iamatgg says:

    Yeah.. its still working.
    Though its kinda sluggish when first starting any vids. Once the vids running its fine.
    Can't play Horoes of Chaos because of resolution.

  4. Fred Sheehan
    Fred Sheehan says:

    Use a tool like AIO Android Flasher, connect your device first so it can load drivers needed, and then in AIO flasher choose 'reboot to recovery', then in recovery menu choose factory reset.

  5. excalibur1812
    excalibur1812 says:

    Go to SETTINGS…Backup & Reset, then go to the right and select Factory data reset. WARNING– When I did the factory re-set, it went back to Chinese fonts….I do NOT read chinese, so it took a while to get into the language settings.actually had to look at another video here on YT to see where the menu was.It's right above backup & reset Has a white square with an A in it.Trust me, you will NEED to know that after you re-set. I was panicking. When you select the Lang/input- top right for lang

  6. Josiah Becker
    Josiah Becker says:

    I really like your review! I wasn’t aware of this tablet’s existence. I’m thinking about getting a new tablet. How would you compare this to the Nexus 7? I like how the Nextway has the bigger screen and more ram. I would be using the tablet mainly for gaming and web browsing. What is your opinion on which is better?


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