NextBook Ares 10A Android Tablet Review


Review of the NextBook Ares 10A Android Tablet

Retail Price: $98.00
Purchased for: $98.00

Link to product here –

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  1. Mike  Ivey
    Mike Ivey says:

    I got one but it sucks I won't buy another one the display throttle says device says warm then goes dim back to bright I Even took and reboot to new and still says it

  2. wolfdemigodgirl RBLX
    wolfdemigodgirl RBLX says:

    Thing is a piece of crap. I'd suggest anyone who's thinking about buying one not to, as it's very laggy. I've had it for nearly 2 years, barely used it until now, and the loading screen won't work whatsoever.

    Not only is it laggy, but the storage is pretty bad. When trying to play something and THE TABLET ITSELF freezes up, it constantly asks you if you want to close the app, which makes it more laggy.

  3. Michael Murray
    Michael Murray says:

    It's a mediocre tablet I suggest buying a new micro USB cord and charging through a USB it has a hard to time charging not a lot of power but if you use it to read and watch YouTube on it will be OK. It has a lot of space and WiFi connection is good. I would not recommend for gaming or streaming movies since it not very powerful may lag some good review on this tablet.

  4. Vanessa Lowder
    Vanessa Lowder says:

    Had mine for about 10 months… Rarely use it because it's junk… Slow and inefficient. Cameras are lousy and it runs horribly. I'll never buy another one…giving it to my 4yo granddaughter

  5. Peter Wood
    Peter Wood says:

    From all the other reviews, I thought it was going to be just as much trash as my Kindle Fire is when weighted down with sideloaded Play Services. But this looks really snappy.


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