New Vizio TVs come with an Android tablet remote


For their P-Series TVs, Vizio partnered with Google to ditch the remote control in favor of its new Vizio SmartCast app, which works on any Android and iOS device.


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38 replies
  1. Victors videos
    Victors videos says:

    There was no remote like this included. Got it at Walmart new, or supposedly new, but nothing but a little xrt 132 remote or like it. it was a 4k ultra high definition model. the volume is all over the place and the little remote is unclear what button does what.

  2. Victors videos
    Victors videos says:

    that's not true. Ours came with the tiny remote with about 8 buttons and was bought in December 2016. can't adjust anything. what's up Vizio? why is This? what do we do now?

  3. anthony davis
    anthony davis says:

    Question.  Can I buy a standard vizio remote that will perform the functions of the smart phone.  Bought the tv for my parents and they do not have a smart phone.  I guess I should have paid more attention.  Thought the smartphone was a feature.  Not my only choice to fine tune settings on the tv.  Picture is great, but if they need to change something on the tv they need to call me.  If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it!

  4. Zack
    Zack says:

    I just bought an M series Vizio with this thing and it is almost impossible to use. It acts like a phone, not a remote. Mine will not even let me use the tv functions.

  5. FlyingPigNJ
    FlyingPigNJ says:

    I can't believe how vizio is trying to sell the smartcast thing as a feature. It's the worst cost cutting measure in the history of televisions. In fact, these sets can no longer be legally marketed as TVs.
    With that said, it really doesn't make a difference to you if you are going to use your own set top box or receiver (or both).
    As for the TV, E series is just junk, I wouldn't spend any money on that.
    The M is beautiful. It's quite a bit better than all mid range and some high end TVs out there. There are only 4 TV sets I would buy over the M. The P series, samsung quantum dot (k8000), sony 930(but only if you want 3D) and the LG B6.
    LG B6 is my favorite, but it's a bit small. So the P series would be my favorite if you consider the size. The samsung is probably a good 3rd choice, but I never spent any money on it. It doesn't support DV.

  6. Victor Nine
    Victor Nine says:

    Not bad for a cheap 4K variant. Would make for a nice secondary to my Samsung. At least you'll care to not lose and be careful with the remote. Even if you do, there's an iOS app etc, so no worries there. Nice idea.


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