HULC a human assisting robot will be available to the handicapped in 5-10 years and will alllow them to walk again!!!



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  1. Avenida Gez
    Avenida Gez says:

    Great, new ways to kill humans. The machine breaks, you fixt it, the human breaks, you kill it, is that simple. Take the time and money for technology to kill humans, not to fix them, why? Is simple too, because in fact who needs to be fixed are the tech creators

  2. paulflute
    paulflute says:

    Well done.. You invented a really useful bit of technology…
    and then put it to immediate use in killing  people.. Wehey..
    Help the Soldiers.. yes.. that's where it's needed..
    Give some extra strength to the fittest strongest young men 
    on the planet to help them to main and murder more successfully..
    I wonder where your funding came from..?
    That's what's some neat about science and technology…
    none of that pesky Morality stuff is required..

  3. Brian Smith
    Brian Smith says:

    That's crutch; as if the person is handicap……after a while they will not be able to function without it.  I remember seeing a guy that looked no heavier then 200lb, who stooped down and one at a time put two 90lb bags of cement on each shoulder, without any visible sign of difficulty, and got up and walked up a hill like he was not even carrying anything.  Now, that's what I call impressive.

  4. saultube44
    saultube44 says:

    Look another way to kill more people, yes! this is what Humanity needs, new ways to exterminate itself, what a creative and self-destructing at the same time great technology… thank you, bunch of idiots.


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