New technology that can completely fill & heal an aneurysm | Tim Becker (research grant recipient)


A new technology that can completely fill and heal an aneurysm is being developed by Aneuvas Technologies, Inc. (ATI) called NeuroCURE. ATI’s CTO, Tim Becker, describes this metal-free material as compatible with the body, can stop the aneurysm from growing and is a quick, three-minute procedure.

The Brain Aneurysm Foundation awarded Tim Becker a research grant in 2018 when this technology was still a preliminary idea. Listen to Tim Becker describe NeuroCURE and how it has advanced with the help of a BAFound research grant into a treatment that could start changing lives in just about a year or two.

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  1. bananashaveice
    bananashaveice says:

    Exciting new development!! I had a ruptured aneurysm 10 years ago. It was treated with platinum coils but the coils have compacted over time allowing new blood flow back into the aneurysm. I recently had a pipeline stent procedure to redirect the flow. Hopefully, this is a permanent fix. Thank you to all who are advancing these new treatments!


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