New technology for parking bicycles تقنية حديثة لتخزين (اصطفاف) الدراجات


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Here you’ll experience the new technology used for parking bicycles ,its stores them underground to make space to park as much of them as possible in a small area of the land, using an electronic card you can put it in and get it back .
شاهد التقنية المستخدمة لاصطفاف الدراجات , هذه الالة تقوم بترتيبهم تحت الارض في مصف تديره هذه الالة , و تساعد هذه التقنية على اصطفاف اكبر كمية ممكنة من الدراجات في مساحة صغيرة جدا من الارض, هذه التقنية مفيدة في المدن المزدحمة , باستخدام بطاقتك الالكترونية الخاصة ادخال دراجتك و استرجاعها عندما تشاء.



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  1. Тарас Буник
    Тарас Буник says:

    Подумати тільки – комусь вже бракує місця для парковки велосипедів. А в Україні все ще досить місця щоб машини паркувати. 🙂

  2. Dimi K
    Dimi K says:

    If this parking can handle about 200 bicycles that would usually be locked to anything on the street level, it's useful and practical. The technology to drive those post sections in the ground without pounding them is also intriguing.

  3. KAMLU
    KAMLU says:

    There's no "commuting" culture in third world Lima, Perú. People here think that owning a car is a matter of social status so getting one is portrayed as a goal. The public transport system is a joke, most is filled by private companies that race throughout Lima's avenues risking the passenger's and passer-by's lives. Bicycle lanes aren't respected at all.

    There's a lot to do here, not only in urban planning but changing the citizens culture and restore the respect for public spaces.

  4. substance
    substance says:

    The only issue I can see with this idea is if the system broke down, you wouldn't be able to get your bike out until it was fixed. Therefore, a rigorous maintenance schedule would be absolutely essential, and with city/county budgets always in flux, this maintenance schedule would almost certainly be the first thing that gets cut. And if the parking system obtains the perception of being unreliable, people won't use it.


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