NEW iPad Pro & Apple Pencil: An Artist's Review!


Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Review

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20 replies
    ADONAI ECHAD says:

    Totally wasting my time watching this "Artist's" review! nothing is reviewed about how the "artist" fully utilised the pen or video editing. this is just a blablabla.

  2. Sharna Reilly
    Sharna Reilly says:

    In Australia it cost me $1669 for the iPad Pro 12.9 256GB. And that was with a student discount. I got free Beats as well which was nice but they don’t really feel free considering the price I paid for the iPad lol. And I’ve still got to buy the Apple Pencil 2 on top. 😖

  3. kemicalromanc15
    kemicalromanc15 says:

    How the pen charged sold me. I've been thinking about getting an ipad pro for 2 years now and I saw how the pen charged and went – that one – I need it. Haha. Can't wait till it gets here on wed.

  4. James Wilkinson
    James Wilkinson says:

    From what i've heard Apple should change it's name to Banana as I hear these things have been bending like crazy. I was gonna buy but, hmm, not too sure, especially at THAT price and the "bendy" issues….

  5. MiArt
    MiArt says:

    Thank you💕💕💕 Ian. Got myself an iPad Pro in this month and really loving it and you are right about the procreate app. Great duo. Great videos you are producing here and awesome information. Mi


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