New iPad Pro 2018 12.9-Inch Review: Power Beyond Belief


The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro delivers amazing speed via its A12X Bionic chip in a full-screen design.



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  1. David K
    David K says:

    I am mostly happy own this but I have mixed feelings. The review doesn’t cover all the aspects well. There are definite good things, but the are disappointing things too. It’s probably the best tablet around but has some flaws that are also beyond belief. Also is very expensive and needs more RAM memory for this price

  2. Montpbm Crawford
    Montpbm Crawford says:

    Stop with the BS lies, talking about it makes a real computer looks slow. It's a full computer and that's not, so don't say it does that until it runs everything a real computer system can run. Plus I've seen different reviews where the Surface Pro 6 smoked the iPad Pro so what now.

  3. Arthur Seltzer
    Arthur Seltzer says:

    The continued lack of a backlit keyboard from Apple is a disappointment. With the Smart Connector and the cost of the keyboard I don’t understand why the backlight still isn’t there when its been on every Mac for many years now. Not that there aren’t ample Bluetooth backlit keyboards but I would expect this to be included on an Apple keyboard.

  4. Denver Naicker
    Denver Naicker says:

    excellent review. i am keen to know more in terms of color gamut of the display compared to the p3 macbook pro 2018? is the liquid retina better than the macbook air 2018 srgb?

  5. joenissan
    joenissan says:

    Why is everyone blowing Apple over this thing? It’s not fast enough to notice any difference from the last iPad Pro 10.5”, has the same screen and DPI, has the same promotion etc. And it’s taken a huge step back in design to the iPhone 5! Nobody’s will ever be able to tell the incremental speed difference and the home button works perfectly fine. I just don’t get all the hype.


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