New iPad Pro 10.5 review - Compared to 9.7 Pro - Do you need it?


Buy it at Amazon – (affiliate link) – The new 10.5 iPad Pro offers marginal real-world performance increases over last year’s 9.o7 but does sport an awesome new 10.5″ display. See my iPad 9.7 review: and subscribe! – index below:

00:30 – Size comparison to the 9.7
01:03 – Touch screen intelligence
01:38 – Weight vs. the 9.7
02:37 – Ports and connectors
03:12 – Fast charging capability
03:34 – Processor and screen resolution
04:11 – Cameras and image samples
05:09 – Performance and comparison to 9.7
05:27 – 3DMark Gaming Benchmark
06:20 – 120 hz display
07:38 – Apple Pencil performance – More on 9.7 vid:
08:51 – Split screen performance
09:23 – Battery life
09:57 – Conclusion: do you need it at its high price?
10:23 – Pricing

Find a 9.7 at a good price here: (Best Buy – new ones on sale) (Apple refurbs)

As usual the upgrade from last year’s model is a marginal one. While on paper the new iPad Pro 10.5 is faster in reality there’s not a huge difference in app performance that most users will notice. In other words if you’re satisfied with your 9.7 experience there’s nothing new that the 10.5 does that your current one can’t do.

That said the screen is awesome. It’s noticeably larger but packed into a device that isn’t much larger than year’s 9.7. Apple has some pretty cool intelligence on their touch screens that allow it to ignore when you’re resting your thumb on the display.

The display also now runs at 120 hz making for smoother animations and far less latency than the prior version. I measured 44ms of latency vs. about 100ms on the prior version both in using the pencil and pressing on the screen.

The Verge said this device is overkill and I tend to agree with them. The iPad Pro from last year was far beyond competing devices and this one goes a step further. It’s elegant and executes everything it does perfectly. But there’s a steep cost for this perfect. It’s not hard to configure one that costs more than $1000 – into the price territory of a nicely equipped PC.

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31 replies
  1. Cam Vel
    Cam Vel says:

    I bought my iPad Pro yesterday and I was on the fence about going for the 9.7 model 128 GB, or the 10.5 64 GB (9.7 128 was 30 dollars cheaper than 10.5 64 as of the time of this comment) I ended up sacrificing a little performance to obtain double the storage capacity, considering that my iPhone 64 GB is coming down to a10% space left, so I set the sail for the 128GB 9.7. I'm planning to upload movies and probably download all my photos from iCloud for immediate, non network dependent access to all my over 6000 photos. There will be plenty of room for all the music library too. My main use is multi tasking for productivity, PPTs, pdfs, agenda, note taking, etc, and steaming videos and Netflix. I'm not an artist but I got me an Apple Pencil along with the purchase to play around with note taking mainly. Which way would you have gone ? Give me your thoughts guys. Thx

  2. Benjamin Jungbluth
    Benjamin Jungbluth says:

    I just recently buyed the 9,7 IPad I thing the Slightly more Little Screen helps alot with the Reachability and the overall control on iOS you can reach the back Botton at Apps Better because of the Reduced hight at landscape and also Portrait mode


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