NEW iPad Mini 2019 - Is It Too Late?


I’ve been using the new Apple iPad Mini 2019 aka iPad Mini 5 for a couple of days now and judging from the design, performance and current iPad/iPad Pro that exist, I’ve been wondering: Is it just too late? I answer that very question in this video! Interested in a full iPad mini 2019 review? Let me know in the comment section!

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24 replies
  1. Bobby Brady
    Bobby Brady says:

    I returned my iPad mini 5 because of its poor display quality compared to my current iPad mini 4. In comparison to my iPad mini 4 the iPad mini 5 display has terrible viewing angles, a magenta tint in blacks, a yellowish/greenish overall color balance and a reduced white point making colors and contrast dull looking. The only positive of the iPad mini 5 was the dramatically better processor performance. A real shame. Apple should have used the much better iPad mini 4 display for the iPad mini 5.

    I also compared my iPad mini 4 to the iPad mini 5s on display at the Apple store and they had the same problems. I have also run into quite a few people seeing the same deficiencies I did. By the way, True Tone does not work to deliver a proper color balance under different lighting conditions. It's a crap feature.

  2. Apratim Debnath
    Apratim Debnath says:

    is 64gb enough for gaming, web browsing, music and video streaming, and also future apple arcade? i wont download any music or videos except some pdf and doc for study or office work. and also which will be better mini or air?

  3. Luis Sanchez
    Luis Sanchez says:

    This will be my last year with a Byam flagships I have two Samsung note 9’s and you know the prices are getting ridiculous someone you can buy that small tablet for that price back next year I’ll just buy a cheap Motorola G7 phone and just use that to supplement my phone I mean heck it’s just good is the iPhone and look at the price is just getting ridiculous or maybe I’ll just wait for the iPhone 5gModel to come out and purchase one of those because Apple just keeps up with the updates and you can use the phone a lot longer just tired of Samsung taking forever and they’re only going to give me two years and pixel maybe three years

  4. Torregoshi
    Torregoshi says:

    honestly, it’s worth it..
    here’s why..
    it’s future proof because of the A12 chip which means it will still be powerful for the next 2-3 years and still has software support..
    it cost less than $500
    I can see some Arena of Valor m, Mobile Legends, and any other mobile game professional gamers are going to use this instead of smartphones.
    Just my opinion tho.

  5. Phil Sherrod
    Phil Sherrod says:

    I love my iPad Mini 2019 (gen. 5). For me, it’s the perfect size. It’s much smaller and lighter than a Pro, but it’s plenty large to read the news and watch movies on planes. I upgraded from a Mini 4, and the speed difference is worth every penny. I have NO regrets for upgrading to the 2019 model.


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