New Chrome Web Store Review


Check out Google’s new WebStore:

Get Chrome 15:

MKBHD on Google+
You know you love it. What’s that? You don’t use Chrome? NOW you do! 😉



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  1. Grimshad
    Grimshad says:

    @marquesbrownlee You called this a review, I expected a review. This was more just an informational video and I appreciate the information, but please don't label things as reviews unless they contain a comprehensive review. Thanks

  2. Damien Delahoussaye
    Damien Delahoussaye says:

    @marquesbrownlee Tehehe! I'm sure 8 gigs of ram does help.. certainly! Only four gigs here.. with an ATI Radeon X800 XL. Camtasia, for me, still runs kind of choppy.. Any suggestions, perhaps?


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