New Channel Intro Video 2018! Zi Reviews Tech!


Welcome to Zi Reviews Tech and this is my Youtube Channel Intro! Come for the cheap stuff stay for the quality! Click here to subscribe ▶▶▶ ▶▶▶ Gearbest Flash Sale here ▶▶▶

My name is Zi Jin Cheng and I live in Canada, and I strive to bring you the best quality videos about cheap, useful, and interesting tech!
Any questions, comments or requests, leave a comment below!

I didn’t use a video template, but you can use my youtube channel intro example as an example. Instead I used a dude on Fiverr named EdgeDesigner who designed my logo, banner art, and video intro/outro! Check out his link below:



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  1. Fuzzymoon Beam
    Fuzzymoon Beam says:

    Subscribed! I love tech so getting to hear about other tech is awesome. Australia only gets the mains stuff and even less than the US so range of products is incredibly limited. It was through reviews and things that I discovered the Xiaomi Mi Notebook (which basically was my dream comp, looks like mac runs windows is cheap) and it was from misc reviews that I made my purchase. Best decision ever. Have seen these various products on gearbest, would like to see more indepth stuff other than the description. Great channel!

  2. Nicas Honory
    Nicas Honory says:

    Keep up the good work brother, just blaming myself why didn't i see this channel all this time. Alternatives for all high end expensive devices reviews. Good job


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