New Audi A8 2018 review - the most high-tech car ever?


This is the all-new Audi A8. The fourth generation of Audi’s luxury limousine could be one of the most technologically advanced cars ever produced – so I put its gadgets to the test in this first drive review. Find out what it’s like to drive, what it’s like to be driven in, and how well the rear quarters double as a dining room…

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27 replies
  1. wholeNwon
    wholeNwon says:

    By far the best looking of the 3 Germans but the problem is always reliability. Add a huge amount of tech and the break-down rate must be even worse than usual. So, pass.

  2. Little Traveller
    Little Traveller says:

    This is gonna be An amazing car. New a6 is nice too. So glad I cancelled my order in 2017. Wonder how much extra you have to spend for all the options shown. Probably 10k. Mine had 8k in options and that was just an a4

  3. TheRantingCabby
    TheRantingCabby says:

    0:38 The reason they put all that shape into it and with most cars is so that the metal body doesn't get caved in from the slightest bit of pressure on it because they're so thin these days. If it was one uniformed slab, you would just have to lean against it and it would dent in. My parents used to have a '72 Volvo that had hardly any shape design. You could bang your head into all day and all you'll have is a headache.

  4. Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson says:

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  5. H.
    H. says:

    What would be really useful is that the above screen would show the road ahead with the camera so you can look at the screens


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