New 2018 iPad Pro - Why Everyone Should be Excited.


I was wrong about the Pixel 3 🤦🏻‍♂️
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This is the new 2018 MacBook Air!

The new iPad Pro is insane. The A12X Bionic, thinner bezels, improved pencil, thinner design. It’s not even close right now.

Which has the best smartphone camera?

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42 replies
  1. L L
    L L says:

    My laptop (1 year old!) stopped working for no reason and the repair cost is mot worth it.
    We currently can’t afford another Laptop because:
    We moved to Canada approximately 2 years ago. The government made a mistake and we couldn’t work for over one year-
    no job,no income..
    So please, if you see this all I need right now is a Macbook (I will never ever buy a cheap one again) that actually works.
    Thank you:)

  2. Daana Enamorado! Garcia
    Daana Enamorado! Garcia says:

    I really want an iPad Pro please 😫🙏🙏💓 because my family has been going threw allot of stuff because my grandma just dies and I would really want something to cheer me up a bunch andy m and dad have been really really struggling omg money but they would really try to make is happy from what happened so they would pay for the phone bills and my insta is @daana_garcia_momserrat

  3. Edward Goin
    Edward Goin says:

    So I’ve rewatched you and Justine’s videos and it’s so interesting to see how excited you guys are 😫 you guys review stuff all the time and you seem genuinely interested

  4. Daria Sławkowska
    Daria Sławkowska says:

    I would love to win new MacBook, I'm on my last year at Uni, and it wold be great to finish writing my master thesis on the new MacBook❤️ plus prices in Poland of Apple stuff are like 4x USA praces 😭


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