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Hi, My name is Janie and I wanted to share with you my very good experience
With Nano hearing assist. I have a sixty percent loss of hearing in my right ear and I came upon the Nano Technology on facebook and I thought this sounds good, I’ll give it a try. I just wanted to say if you’re considering it, I would try it because it’s terrific. You’d be very pleased with this. Thanks for letting me share that with you.

Nano Hearing Aids was founded when Robert Carlson went to his grandma’s house four Christmas. At the dinner table, while everyone was enjoying her famous gingerbread cookies, all she could say was “what?”. She missed out on memories she´ll never get back. The worst part?

She dished out $5,750 for expensive hearing aids the year before. When I asked her why she still couldn´t hear, she responded, “I only wear one hearing aid because I lost my other one, and can´t afford to buy another one.”

At that moment, Robert realized that he needed to change the hearing aid market — which is currently monopolized by big greedy companies that charge $3500-$6000 for a pair of hearing aids — while the real cost to manufacture them is significantly less.

Thus, Robert teamed up with engineers from around the world and created the world´s most advanced hearing technology. In fact, our super-advanced digital circuit technology is manufactured on proud American soil in St Paul Minnesota (area code 55112). Nano´s goal is to help the 48 million Americans who currently have hearing loss to get a great solution for 1/20 the price of traditional hearing aids while cutting out the middleman.

Nano customers send in testimonials like this every day: “Nano is BETTER than my previous expensive $5,000 pair of traditional hearing aids!”

Nano´s devices are almost invisible and come with the latest digital hearing technology. Your order includes many different earbud sizes to ensure it fits nice and snug! No one will even know you´re wearing Nano!

Compared to other hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars to get a pair, our main objective is to provide high-quality hearing aids at a very low cost to help our consumers with their hearing needs.

With Nano Hearing Aid Products you can get a pair for as low as $249, making them very affordable Hearing Aids for everyone and compared to the other companies selling them for near $5000, it is a no brainer to choose Nano.

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