nabi SE 7" Tablet Review, Kid Friendly Android Tablet for Under $80


nabi SE Tablet Review http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the new nabi SE Tablet from Mattel. This tablet sells for $79 and comes loaded with tons of games, content and apps for kids.

The nabi SE Tablet is available at –

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nabi SE offers families everything they would expect from a nabi tablet, with safe discovery for kids and peace of mind for parents at its core. The nabi SE comes with all the elements needed for creative play and personalized learning. It features nabi’s signature dual mode technology (nabi Mode and Mommy/Daddy Mode) and its revolutionary Blue Morpho™ OS overlay, which is optimized to offer a robust line-up of more than 400 kids entertainment, play, creativity and learning geared digital experiences. The Blue Morpho OS also features nabi’s comprehensive parental controls enabling parents to fully monitor and manage their child’s tablet use directly on the tablet or remotely through the nabigator™ app from their smartphones.

As part of the offering, the nabi SE offers unlimited access to nabi’s proprietary Wings® Learning System, one of the most advanced tablet-based supplemental learning solutions in the market for kids pre-K to 5th grade. Other key features include: the Dream Pro Studio™ creativity suite, featuring movie making, storybook creating and drawing tools; nabi Time Controls™, a comprehensive suite of time controls that allows parents to manage and monitor screen time; Chore List™, a tool for parents to teach responsibility and importance of setting priorities; and nabi Friends and nabi Konnect™, the first parent-monitored friend networking platform just for kids. More details of nabi’s robust Blue Morpho offerings can be found at:

The nabi SE is further enhanced by its high quality performance components. The tablet features Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow, as well as a quad-core Processor, 16GB memory, and 1024X600 multi-touch screen.

As part of the partnership with Walmart, the nabi SE will also be the only tablet with a integration through nabi’s Wishlist app that allows kids and parents to purchase real goods directly from the retailer’s online destination easily from the tablet. Parents can choose from over 200,000 toys, games and electronics to purchase or kids can earn into toys and games, buying them with nabi Coins – nabi’s proprietary digital currency which kids can earn as rewards through accomplishing and completing tasks in such apps as Chore List and Wings.



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  1. daniela ortiz
    daniela ortiz says:

    I need help . I got my son this Nabi when he was 1 and my brother would us it but now it’s locked and I can’t get in. it asks me for an android password but I don’t know what it is and my brother doesn’t know it as well I need help unlocking it of resetting it please help .

  2. The Mitch Zone
    The Mitch Zone says:

    Somebody please help me! My little sister used to have a Nabi Tablet years ago, and I used to play on it alot. Well, one of the games I used to play, was a very fun strategy/mind puzzling game, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was CALLED! Now that I have a new phone, I really wanted to get that app back at the Google Play Store. I remember that it was a very complex strategy/problem solving type of game, and it was completely centered around Pigs for some reason. That may sound ridiculous to anyone who has never played that game on a Nabi; but yeah, I remember it being mostly about Pigs. But what I loved about it, was the immense challenge it was for the brain, you know? I really need that back! If ANYONE has any slightest idea of what I'm talking about, please tell me for goodness sake!! Thank you. 😣😒

    P.S. Oh yeah, and about the Pigs that I mentioned. I just remembered that it also had Angelic Pigs, and demonic Pigs. Yeah, I know… It sounds very weird! LOL Anyway, I hope that helped! 🤞🤞

    UPDATE: I FOUND IT, THANK GOODNESS!! It was actually thanks to that last part I mentioned about it having angel and demon Pigs. So I just googled "Angel and demon Pigs mobile game" and BOOM, it was the first to show! It's called "Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom" and I have it now. Reunited, and the nostalgia feels so good. 😃😉

  3. melkrist
    melkrist says:

    Can you add certain apps to the kids interface? Say my child wanted to watch his YouTube subscriptions while in Kids Mode, would that be possible?


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