My Pixel 3 Display Problem? Ask MKBHD V33!


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  1. mike
    mike says:

    Lmao I learned my lesson after the first pixel never buying another Google phone !!! Rather go samaung or htc part are cheaper too

  2. yogi raj
    yogi raj says:

    I was just about to ask this about your ratio … Now i got the answer … it just fits perfectly in my notch display … No notch disturbance,still a wide frame that satisfies me

  3. GBRL
    GBRL says:

    google pixel 3 screen flash problem, usb – c adapters to use with headphones … forget it, does not work for e.g. try to go skateboarding with that, shit is not as stable… you have to switch to bluetooth. and don't get me started bout my 2800 € macbook that has the keyboard exchange every two months … fck this shit. sorry for the rant, folks.

  4. Maestro Man
    Maestro Man says:

    I have the pocophone f1. And when I play videos I need to zoom to fill the screen. But the notch cuts out a part off the video. But with this new aspect ratio the video it automatically fills the whole screen. I like it 😊

  5. Xxsucram89xX
    Xxsucram89xX says:

    Pixel 3 has a serious call quality issues with the phone dialer. Please make a video about this so Google can acknowledge! A quick search on Google or Reddit will show this is a widespread problem. Please help us!

  6. Angel lopez
    Angel lopez says:

    Extremely disapointed with Google Pixle 3 XL due to the Black Crush. It literally makes black scene patchy and pixalated. How could Google put out a bulshit display like that and be ok with it and not offer any fixes. I will be returning this phone.

  7. Rihards Aksels Nāburgs
    Rihards Aksels Nāburgs says:

    I personaly don't like the 16:9 ratio, because i am using a device with samsung's "Infinity display", and 16:9 ratio creates lotta black bars on sides, because i watch videos on landscape mode. So thank you so much by minimalaizing these black bars on sides.😉😉


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