My New Tech Bag - eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack Review


Looking for a new Tech Bag? Let’s take a look at the eBags TLS Professional Slim Laptop and why it’s my go to bag for holding a bunch of tech.

The eBags Professional Slim Laptop is available from Amazon and directly from the eBags website: (Amazon US) (Amazon CAN) (eBags Direct) (Amazon UK)

There is also the junior sized version that I would recommend if you don’t need carry as much and have a smaller laptop: (Amazon US) (Amazon CAN) (eBags Direct) (Amazon UK)

Looking for a great Gym/Tech backpack for work? Check out my other backpack review:

FTC: The backpack was provided to me directly by eBags. I solely chose this solution based on what was best for me. All opinions expressed in this video are exclusively my own.

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43 replies
  1. Akshit
    Akshit says:

    Hey David, it's an amazingly detailed video you made and it's because of this video even i have ordered this bag. I wanted to ask, how's the bag holding up for you? I've read some comments where people are furios because of the shoulder straps or the hooks giving up.

  2. Ervin M.
    Ervin M. says:

    This video was great. To be honest I’ve been torn on getting this bag or not and there aren’t too many review videos that aren’t at least 10 min long. You’re video was the perfect length and straight to the point. Great work and keep it up!!

  3. Nemesi19781
    Nemesi19781 says:

    Very nice bag but with a huge drawback (to me): it has too many "important pockets" and access on the front, not so good for security if you use public transportaton…..pockets should be mostly internal

  4. Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith says:

    I saw this backpack on someone in the airport and I've been poring over the ad and looking at reviews. This video is exactly what I needed to get a full sense of the bag and it's utility. Thank you for taking the time to create this video review!

  5. Clay Kimbro
    Clay Kimbro says:

    Thank you for your review. This was quality! Well thought out, well written, and extremely visible video. I'm still not sure if I will buy this bag, but I have been considering this for a few months. I've been cautious, because I can't see this in person in a store and you answered so many questions in 4 minutes with quality. Keep it up!

  6. TheKiman2
    TheKiman2 says:

    This is a GREAT bag review. So many reviews are just unboxing, some never even put anything in the bag or wear them. You covered all bases, including putting real items inside the back, wearing the bag, and pointing out any deficiencies, as well as mentioning an alternative. Very comprehensive and best of all, helpful. Keep it up!


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