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My review and thoughts on the new iPad Mini!

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40 replies
  1. XAD222
    XAD222 says:

    if I'd trusted you…I would regret…because this company doesn't care about quality of the ipad apps, they cannot even scale in app interface right…and there's a lot of stupid things… wasted moneys, only backup is okay because it's restores device 1:1 [not sure if it was that good back then] but rest is absolutely terrible, android had better quality back then [plus root]

    JANICE HILL says:

    I have recently had my iPad mini stolen. I know who has stolen it? But need proof. When I searched find my iPad? I pressed erase by mistake. So now I can't trace the iPads whereabouts? & it's saying that the erase is pending until the ipad connects to the Internet? Which as far as I can see so far it has apparently not connected to the Internet yet? But the person who has the ipad has been taking photos of herself, & the photos are coming up on my daughters iPad as they are connected. What can I do? Is it possible to still trace this ipad even though I've pressed erase? Please help me?

  3. Wats Doug
    Wats Doug says:

    Talk about a device that loves to crash either it's the apps but both together makes up a piece of crap. I'd wouldn't dream of using it at work it's just not reliable.. No doubt I'll be selling mine.


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