My First Semester with the iPad Pro 11 inch: Student's Review


I just finished my first semester of college and used the new iPad Pro as my primary device. Here’s how I used it to take notes and study for my classes.

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People ask me all the time what camera gear and equipment I use to make my videos. Here’s the rundown:

Sony a6500 –
Sigma MC-11 Adapter –
Sigma 18-35mm –
Vanguard Tripod –
Manfrotto 502HD Head –
Feelworld F6 Monitor –

Rode VideoMicro –
Zoom H1 –
Boom Stand –

LimoStudio Softbox –
85W Daylight Bulbs –
Amazon Basics Light Stands –


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  1. Adam W
    Adam W says:

    If you don't like the feel of writing on a screen, there is a new matte screen protector out there called PaperLike, which is supposed to mimic the feel of pen on paper, and supposedly does a pretty decent job.

  2. Rodrigo Ruedas
    Rodrigo Ruedas says:

    Goingg back to school, and I've been thinking about an iPad for my note taking ( also my primary pc) thanks for this video appreciate. Also one other question, are these common in the classroom? Or is everyone still on pen and paper.

  3. Don Day
    Don Day says:

    VERY well done review Paul! I am a Doctoral student and just made the leap to the iPad Pro. Was contemplating the pencil, but now based on your review and some other research will purchase one and the Notability app. Curious if you are using a screen protector film on your iPad. If so, which one? Was considering Paperlike. Continued best w/school.

  4. Michael 0788
    Michael 0788 says:

    I preferred the surface pro 6 for the typing experience but I think these tablet for factors are unique a d can revolutionize the way you work. I used notability on my older 1stgen iPad pro and it's amazing. The iPad is such a beautiful device.

  5. Nealzeypoo
    Nealzeypoo says:

    What a paid advertisement review. You are not actually telling us why the ipad is better. Just Notability v OneNote. But thats not your fault. Apple told you to do so. Talk about battery life. size. durability. Glare. Sensitivity. etc. etc. Not just about 1 app it has.

  6. Youfail Horribly
    Youfail Horribly says:

    Your review is about notability usage and being able to backup on a cloud. This has nothing to do with the Ipad. Your parents wasted their money. Smart people use android, sheep get apple..

  7. Fanizza Tahir
    Fanizza Tahir says:

    Thank you for this wonderful and high quality video. I am in 9th grade and I’m planning to go paperless in 10th grade and this video helped me a lot. Thank you so much!!!

  8. Olodo Nation
    Olodo Nation says:

    Just bought the ULAK keyboard here in Nigeria after watching your video about it, checked your most recent video and boy you’ve grown haha! I wish you all the best.


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