My Favorite Wireless Headphones | 2018!


Better hop on this wireless train before it leaves the station…
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Surface Headphones:
Audio Technica ATH-M50XBT:
Jaybird Run:
Jaybird X3:
Bose QC35 II:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:




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  1. Fergus Cahillane
    Fergus Cahillane says:

    bought the Surface headphones based on this review, they won't stay connected to my mac (all other bluetooth devices work with it) and they switch off after a while on whatsapp calls which i make a lot. so disappointing

    i have no idea how to make a software update or delete previous devices or anything because i dont own a windows computer or phone and the 'Cortana' app isn't available in Ireland..

    will someone tell me if I can do something about this? i bought them on eBay mint condition, guy has great feedback and is just telling me they worked perfectly for him when i message him…

  2. matt stacks
    matt stacks says:

    This review inspired me to get the surface headphones. They were ok but ultimately they developed a shortage in the cord so I only get sound from one side now which is a huge disappointment…just wanted people to know its possible

  3. RUKLrocket
    RUKLrocket says:

    Shamefully this has been my first time watching the channel but this video and the editing made me subscribe. Really informative and easy to watch!

  4. TalkShowHost
    TalkShowHost says:

    I got the M50x based on your recommendations. These headphones are very uncomfortable and become painful after an hour of use. Feels like you lied about their comfort.

  5. JJS
    JJS says:

    It may be a "favourites" video, but any true audiophile will balk at the list. Audiophiles gravitate to the Sony 100XM3s, if wireless is a must. Bose is truly junk. The M50s are decent though. But this shows what Millennials can achieve today with no knowledge, just an opinion. What happens when YouTube is no longer relevant? Yeah a much longer line at welfare. Single skilled individuals or those with "right now" skills aren't viable long term. And I'm sure these kids don't put nearly enough aside to survive without YouTube and to last them in their retirement. What a great generation.

  6. Alonzo Tejeda
    Alonzo Tejeda says:

    Markees Brownlee. Can I plug in a 3.5 mm microphone on the surface headphones and use it for gaming online? Some gaming headphones have a detachable microphone that just plugs into the 3.5 mm jack. I would like to use them for gaming if this is possible

  7. Ali0The0King
    Ali0The0King says:

    Ok i have 5 headphones atm i wanna know if any of these would be a nice upgrade (ignoring wireless shit) my headphones
    1:hyper x cloud 2
    2: cloud stinger
    3: razer kraken pro
    4: kraken 7.1
    5: logitech g430


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