My Favorite iPad Pro Painting Apps [2020]


My two top iPad and art tech reviewers on Youtube!
Brad Colbow –
Borodante (Boro Drawing) –

Here’s my review of INFINITE PAINTER:

Here’s my review of CRAFT PRO (Created by Borodante)

The apps discussed in this video are:

– Photoshop (iPad version)
– Sketchbook Pro (iPad version)
– Painstorm
– Affinity Photo
– Infinite Painter
– Procreate
– Artstudio Pro

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Gatinha (Molife Remix) – by Cornelio

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  1. Sekkat Aziz
    Sekkat Aziz says:

    it’s as u said, it depends on the artist need and style. One of the earliest digital artists started with a mouse and his did awesome work with it.
    P.S. I love your videos Adam

  2. Sanctum1972
    Sanctum1972 says:

    Great video! I agree with the adage of having a simple round brush without relying too much on other kinds of brushes that over complicate the UI or options. It's like working with a limited color palette to stay disciplined and focused. For conceptualization, I use Concepts but mostly prefer Sketchbook Pro, Procreate and Clip Studio Paint for line art. Medibang is another option I use if necessary. I do have Paintstorm on my iPad Pro ( 12.9 size ) and it works well except for the cluttered UI which I agree with. They do need to strip it down a bit more and clean it up but it's not my main driver app. I also use Affinity Designer for vector and bitmap which is an option. I've tried Infinite Painter and it feels weird to me, however, almost like a Procreate clone of sorts. I do love the Proko pencil ( a bit close to the Adobe Fresco pencil, it seems ). And it got a bit unstable to use, although I just downloaded it again. I also use Adobe Fresco which isn't bad and can be useful for vector drawing to be converted to paths and port over to the desktop. If I'm not mistaken, Infinite Painter is entirely free with the basic tools but you have to pay about $10 to get everything. Also, I'm very intriqued by Boro's paint app that you recently reviewed. Keep in mind that I'm more of a line illustrator than painter, it's nice to have options. But I think I'm starting to realize that having a lot of illustration apps on the iPad can be overwhelming or distracting that to the point, I may have to strip down more and focus on only driver apps. I've had to dump a couple of them. One other thing I tried out was AstroPad which I find to be a flawed experience and especially because of using my brand new 4k iMac, it made the screen harder to see even with my astigmatic eyes while wearing glasses. I actually blame Apple on this because they should have made the iPad Pro a 16 or 17 inch device for more screen estate. Especially if illustrators are working on a tabloid or 11 x 17 illustration board in actual size to view.

  3. dibujemaestro
    dibujemaestro says:

    Great review. You named Paintstorm, an app that I love! You’ve missed clip studio, that I think is the only exact replica of a desktop app. I use procreate because of the speed. I didn’t tweak my brushes, I buy a lot of them and then group my favorites. I think is the best engine (with paintstorm) because in a lot of them you can achieve a non-digital feel, because they work so well with the pressure and tilt. I use all the apps, depending in the job I have to do. Some of them have small maximum sizes, so in that field, art studio, procreate and clip studio are the best. I work 99% in my iPad since the first iPad Pro, so I don’t need to work like I do in a desktop computer and I have to learn the apps from the version one. The marvelous thing about procreate is the you don’t need to save all the time. And when it crashes, you only loose your last brushstroke! That is a game changer for me. Love your review of infinite painter! Thanks!

  4. YC Art
    YC Art says:

    Hi, first of all what a great video i love it, and i just want to come back on the procreate side i was exactly like you i got the beta for procreate 5 i try to import my photoshop brushes or even my procreate 4 brushes and they was completly unusable but i retry on the official version of procreate 5 and everything worked amazingly well ^^

  5. Sloppy Toons
    Sloppy Toons says:

    I’m surprised you find Procreate so frustrating. I’ve been using it since it was launched on the OG iPad in 2010 or something. So I’ve kind of grown with the app. I buy all the apps like you do, and think there are a lot of great ones. You can practically buy all of them for less of the price than an Apple Pencil. I kind of agree with you on Affinity photo, but Affinity designer is what you need. You can do a full raster painting drawing, or start raster and go vector.

    I would give a special mention to Zenbrush 2 on the iPhone. I sketch on that when I commute to a job, and it’s a lot of fun. Especially with 3D Touch, which my 11 pro doesn’t have 🙁

  6. PatrickDesign
    PatrickDesign says:

    You are not alone! Procreate is fine for sketching but my go to painting app is ArtStudio Pro too! never used Infinite Painter but I'm gonna look into it! Thank you for the video! 🙂

  7. EyalDegabli
    EyalDegabli says:

    Kinda agree with you about procreate, never quite gotten to a comfortable brush. The new update improves it a bit but it's still not like Photoshop. Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it.
    About Artstudio, it works better but the color swatches on the right is really uncomfortable, sometimes my palm hits them. I wish you could turn it off.
    Another problem with a lot of these apps is that many options are all over the interface, for example when making a selection, the options are way on the bottom.


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